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The Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Environmental Studies offers a B.A. degree in environmental studies. The degree is characterized by its focus on equitable, just, and sustainable environmental solutions. Environmental professionals who emerge from the program are generalists who can identify and synthesize the ecological, social, ethical, economic, technical, and behavioral dimensions of critical environmental problems. Students are prepared to synthesize and communicate appropriate environmental solutions using qualitative and quantitative problem-solving concepts, approaches, and tools.

Majors are typically involved in campus and community sustainability projects such as greenhouse gas assessment, water resource and sustainability assessment, climate action and sustainability planning, and urban restoration projects. In addition, the program engages actively in collaborations across the campus, locally and internationally.


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Sustainability Officer/Director • Environmental Advocate / Analyst / Educator / Program Manager / Planner • Energy Analyst / Manager • Water Resources Analysist / Manager / Planner • Environmental Justice Analyst • Compliance Specialist • Environmental Permitting, Planning, and Compliance • Environmental Business Entrepreneur


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Department of Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies

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Courses You Might Take

STAT 100 - Elements of Statistics and Probability

A course on descriptive statistics, such as measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation, and elementary discrete probability distributions. An introduction to tests of statistical hypotheses.

ENSC 240 - Environmental Biology

An introduction to living organisms, focusing on organismal interactions. Explore the relationships between organismal structure and function, the effects of humans on biological diversity and ecosystems, and the conservation of species.

ENVT 330 - Environment, Sustainability, and Social Justice

Study environmental sustainability and social justice interactions, both in the U.S. and internationally. Learn about the social and ethical implications of environmental and resource limits.

POSC 344 - Environmental Law

Studies the legislative, judicial, and administrative controls over actions impacting the environment. Examines statutory, administrative, and judicial decisions relating to the environment and of government actors making these decisions.

ENVT 410 - Environmental Impact Analysis

Examine the origins, applications, and dynamics of the environmental review process. Topics include policy implications of assessments, land-use planning, and public decision-making, with an emphasis on the U.S. and California.

ENVT 465 - Sustainable Communities and Development

Assess the personal, corporate, local, national and global dimensions of sustainability and the challenges facing humanity. Identify future options and alternatives at each scale, with emphasis on urban sustainability issues, goals, progress, and process.

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