Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Approval Process

Student Housing restricts animals on campus. If you believe you have a need to bring an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal on campus with you, please start by reviewing the graphic/section below to determine if you meet the qualifications to bring an assistance animal to campus. If so, please refer to the instructions below.

love your animal



  • Is it a pet?
  • Does it provide support/service?
  • Do you have documents that provide a medical link between you and the animal?
  • Have you been formally approved by housing this year?

If you answered no to any of the following questions then you must keep the animal off-campus/off student housing premise.

If you answered yes to all of the following questions then the animal permitted at student housing based on completion of the ESA/Service animal approval process.


Student Housing prohibits pets and non-housing approved animals. Violations will impact your ability to live on-campus (revocation of the license agreement) (Policy 3.4).
  • Witnessing violation?
  • Attempt to inform violators
  • Contact Housing Staff
  • Immediately remove yourself from the situation.

*Lack of reporting will result in being held responsible as passive involvement (Policy 1.8).


Reporting & Resouces

(510) 885-7444 or RA On-Duty #


Instructions for ESA/ Service Animal Request:

  • When submitting your Housing Contract, there is a section where you can request an ESA/Service Animal. Please note this when applying and our staff will email you further instructions.
  • If you already have submitted your Housing Contract, or are already are living on campus, contact housing@csueastbay.edu to request information about bringing an ESA or Service Animal and more instructions will be sent to you.
    • Note: Getting an ESA/ Service Animal approved is a multi-step process involving Student Housing and Accessibility Services. Students may not bring their animal to campus until it's fully approved through Student Housing.
  • All-suite/apartment-mates living in the same unit must all agree to allow the ESA/ Service Animal. Student Housing staff will manage this verification.
  • Signage that the ESA/ Service Animal is in the student's unit will be posted on the front door by Student Housing staff. This will ensure that others living in the student's hall are aware of the assistance animal. The signage will also serve as notification to those needing to access the unit to provide services, such as University Vendors, Facilities, University Police, and the Fire Department.

Important documents

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Verification Form

*Please email as@csueastbay.edu for a fillable PDF version of this form

Assistance Animal Agreement