The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures offers a B.A. degree in French. Students learn to speak, write, and develop analytical skills in French. They are also introduced to the various cultures of France and the Francophone world. Students acquire an understanding of those countries’ historical backgrounds and contemporary issues while developing their proficiency in French. The program fosters critical approaches to francophone literature and cultures. The program prepares students for an ever-changing world. It offers career opportunities in international government, business, travel, communications, and other fields where knowledge of more than one language is essential.


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Bilingual Call Center Representative • Bilingual Technical Support Specialist • College Admissions Officer/Counselor • Communications • Community College/University Professor • Computer coding • ESL Teacher/Assistant abroad • Film/Video/Book editor • Intern for Major French Banks • International Business • International Trade Specialist • Interpretation • Librarian • Peace Corps • Research Assistant/Associate • Sales Coordinator for International Hotel Company • Tour Guide/Consultant • Translation • University Grant Writer


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Courses You Might Take

MLL 121 - Elementary french I: Language and Humanities

An introduction to speaking, understanding, reading, and writing French. The course offers a communicative approach to the acquisition of the language with emphasis on the appreciation of the culture.

MLL 323 - Francophone Culture and Civilization through Cinema

Learn French culture through French and francophone films illustrating artistic, political, social, and philosophical schools. Students gain an understanding of cultures from francophone countries around the world and analyze cultural differences.

MLL 324 - Francophone Literature in Translation

An interdisciplinary study of authors and movements in Francophone literatures, emphasizing literary, philosophical, historical, cultural backgrounds, and the examination of underlying social justice issues.

MLL 326 - Sexuality and Feminism in Francophone Literature and Cinema

Studies French and francophone literature and cinema from a feminist perspective in order to reflect on the power of sexuality, as both a means of oppression of women and a means of re-appropriation of female identity.

MLL 422 - LGBTQ Francophone Cinema

This course focuses on the exploration of LGBTQ cultural politics in francophone cinema, and the study of films by members of the LGBTQ community.

MLL 425 - Postcolonial Francophone Rap/Hip-Hop

An examination of the success of rap and hip hop as outlets to express the social concerns of the various ethnicities of the francophone world, with a concentration on socio-cultural and literary perspectives.

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