Classification Process

Classification is the process of reviewing a position and determining an appropriate CSU classification for all staff (non-faculty) positions.  The process applies to all employees in temporary, probationary, and permanent staff positions, including Confidential and Administrator positions covered by the Management Personnel Plan.  The classification program is governed by the Systemwide Classification and Qualification Standards issued by the Trustees of the CSU.  Positions shall be subject to the classification review process whenever they become vacant, when the assignment has changed significantly, and/or when required by terms of the appropriate collective bargaining unit.

The process is designed to:

  • Provide a framework for planning and decision making related to organizational staffing needs and the assignment of duties and responsibilities to a position
  • Ensure that positions are appropriately classified in accordance with the Classification and Qualification Standards 
  • Provide a comprehensive method of position review and classification
  • Identify the minimum qualifications needed to perform the assigned duties and responsibilities and ensure that preferred skills and experience are appropriate for the position
  • Review all positions for proper classification level before being recruited
  • Provide a basis and rationale for determining and ensuring comparable levels of pay for comparable work by utilizing a systematic method for evaluating individual positions
  • Accurately define the duties and responsibilities of the position
  • Conduct equity analysis for determining salary upon initial appointment to the University for staff positions
  • Conduct internal equity analysis for determining salary upon reclassification, in-class progression, or in-range salary progression
  • Conduct salary, in-range progressions, equity reviews, and market salary analysis
  • Assist departments with the reorganization of duties within a unit
  • Provide guidance on CSU East Bay compensation programs
  • Provide guidance on position description development
  • Maintain position description files for campus staff positions
  • Establish consistent benchmarks for making salary comparisons to comparable positions within the University and the CSU system
  • Provide benchmarks for making external salary comparisons to comparable positions in other organizations in relevant labor markets
  • Maintain the right and responsibility of management to assign and/or remove duties to or from any position
  • Position Description Form
  • CSU Salary Schedule
  • Request for Reclassification Review
  • Request for In-Range Salary Progression Review
  • Required Approvals Document