Employee Recognition Awards

The Vivian Cunniffe Award has been presented annually since 1986. Vivian Cunniffe, for whom the award is named, participated in University life in many ways.  She began working here as a high school student in the clerical temp pool.  She completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees here at CSUEB.  And if that weren’t enough, Vivian even met her husband, Ed Cunniffe here on campus.  She was a long time employee of the Financial Aid Office, where she excelled as a counselor.  While vacationing in Spain in 1985, Vivian died tragically in an automobile accident.  The Cunniffes were visiting with a family whose children the Cunniffes had hosted as exchange students.

Nominations are invited for outstanding staff employees whose efforts go beyond that which is necessary to accomplish their particular job.  Any employee of the University may make a nomination.  All non-management staff personnel with a minimum of 5 years of service at CSUEB, including Foundation and Associated Students, Inc. staff, are eligible for the Award.  Petitions are not considered an appropriate form for a nomination.  The specific criteria are:

  • Professional attitude
  • Willingness to assume responsibility
  • Demonstrated commitment to campus life
  • Pride in a job well done

The above are considered to be exemplified by dedication to the principle that the goals of the University are primary.  The actions and interactions of the candidate with both students and fellow employees should reflect this principle, thereby making the campus environment a special place in which to work and to be educated.

All of the nominees are presented and the winner is named during the Annual Staff Recognition Awards Reception. The selected nominee receives free parking for one year, a crystal gift and their name inscribed on a perpetual plaque that is displayed in the Student Services and Administration (SA) lobby.

Recipients of the Vivian Cunniffe Award

Year Employee Department
1986 Nancy Sadoyama ALSS
1986 Nancy Sadoyama ALSS
1987 Nan Franceschini Biology
1988 Shirley Nalty Admissions & Records
1989 LouAnn Fernelius College of Business
1990 Bob Fenton Receiving
1991 Virginia Palmer College of Science
1992 Judy Hubbard Kinesiology and Physical Education
1993 Susan Parsons College of Science
1994 Jim Stanford Chemistry
1995 Rose Carrillo History
1996 Ann Cambra Statistics
1997 Seth Masters Purchasing
1998 Joseph Andrews Budget
1999 Phillip Garbutt Geological Sciences
2000 Edward Wright Theatre
2001 Janice Muzzy Mathematics & Computer Science
2002 Connie Sexauer Academic Senate
2003 Rosanne Moore Academic Programs and Graduate Studies
2004 Charlene Lebastchi College of Science
2005 Sam Tran Enrollment Services
2006 Thelma Stephens-Smith Facilities Planning & Operations
2007 Stephen Faletti Planning & Enrollment Management
2008 Sandra Anderson College of Business and Economics
2009 Don Moreno Facilities Management
2010 Lisa Booker Procurement and Support Services
2011 Derrick Lobo Parking Services
2012 Terry Cunningham Liberal Studies
2013 Fernando Coronado FDO-Custodial
2014 Julie Mielke College of Education & Allied Studies
2015 Valerie Taniguchi Student Equity and Success
2016 Doris Szeto College of Business and Economics
2017 Matthew Evans College of Education & Allied Studies
2018 Sylvia Musson Sociology
2019 Belen Menjivar GANAS
2020 Carolyn Chun Library Services
2021 Marianna Wolff Speech Language and Hearing
2022 Garvin Tso Communications and Marketing

This program is designed to recognize and express appreciation to employees for each five (5) years of service to California State University, East Bay beginning with the fifth year.

The service award is available to all administrators and support staff who are regular full-time and regular part-time employees of CSUEB who complete the required length of service to the University.  Faculty members are not included in this program.

The Office of Human Resources determines total service credit for eligible employees. It is not necessary that service be continuous to receive credit, but if an employee has a break in service of 10 years or greater, their service prior to the leave/separation will not count towards a service award. Prior CSUEB service is verified by the Office of Human Resources.  Regular part-time service receives credit on an equal basis with full-time service and is not to be prorated.  The employee must be in a probationary/permanent status or in a temporary to permanent status.  Any period of paid leave status is included in the calculation of service credit.  Periods in which the employee is in an unpaid leave of absence status are not included and intermittent employment time is not included.

The President presents the awards to recipients during the Annual Staff Recognition Awards Reception.