Accessible Parking


Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors may park in the Accessible Parking Spaces only if they have BOTH a valid Disabled Placard/Disabled License Plate  AND a valid CSUEB Parking Permit. Both are required to park in all Accessible Parking spaces on campus (General/Student & Faculty/Staff lots).


Parking Lots:

Accessible Parking is available at the Meiklejohn Hall Lot, and in General/Student Lots A, C, C1, D, F, G, H, K, and N. 

Additionally, Accessible Parking Spaces in Faculty/Staff Lots B, E, J, L, M and O may also be used by students/visitors as well as faculty/staff.

Accessible Parking spaces may be viewed on the campus map.



Vehicles with a Disabled Placard/Disabled License Plate may park at a metered spaces on West Loop Road, however you must also either display a valid CSUEB Parking Permit or feed the meter.