Parking Permits

Fall 2021 Student Semester Permits

Fall 2021 Student Semester Permits will be available for purchase beginning August 1, 2021. 

To purchase your permit go to The permit will be mailed to you, make sure your mailing address is up to date. There is also a temporary paper permit you can print and display on your dashboard while you are waiting for the permit to arrive in the mail. (If you are staying in the dorms, the permit will come to our office and we will contact you when it is ready for pickup.)

How to Display Your Parking Permit

These are the following ways to properly display your parking permits:

Hang Tags - Student Semester, Faculty/Staff Semester and Faculty/Staff Annual parking permits shall be displayed in the following way:

  • Suspended from the rearview mirror, hanging, fully visible and facing the windshield.
  • Placed on the driver's side dashboard of the vehicle, face up, fully visible, and in such a way as not to obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number.

Daily/Hourly Permits, Visitor One-Day Parking Permits, Temporary Parking Permits and Official State Business Parking Permits shall be displayed in the following way:

  • Placed on the driver's side dashboard of the vehicle, face up, fully visible, and in such a way as not to obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number.

Student Parking Permits

  • Starting Fall 2016, purchase your parking permit online. These parking permits are only valid in General (student) lots. Be sure when entering a lot you that you have read the red and black signs stating what parking lot you are entering and be sure the sign reads General (student) lot. Doing this will save you the frustration of receiving a citation.
  • A student parking permit is only valid in a faculty/staff lot after 5:00 PM Mondays-Thursdays. Students will be cited accordingly if parked in a faculty/staff lot before 5:00 PM (Monday-Friday). View locations of general lots.
  • A permit is not required after 5:00 PM on Fridays, all day on the weekends and any holiday the University is closed. (See Holiday Schedule calendar here.) 


Student Visitor Daily/Hourly Parking Permits

Students, faculty/staff, and visitors may purchase a daily or hourly permits at a dispenser for $2.00/hour or $10.00/day. All dispensers take credit cards, coins, and bills (exact change only.) The dispensers are located in parking lots A, G, K, N and at the kiosk on the right side at the top of Harder Rd. Daily permits are only valid in general lots. After 5:00 PM Mondays-Thursdays, these permits are also valid in faculty/staff lots.


Employee Annual Parking Permits

Faculty and Staff permits may be purchased through the cashier's office located in the Student Services and Administration Building lobby and may be paid by cash, check, or payroll deduction if you qualify.


Semester Parking Permits

All semester permits when purchased become personal property of each owner. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen permits.


Emeritus Parking Permits

 If you are interested in a temporary parking permit, you will need to contact the  Associate Provost, Linda Dobb ( This permit is not  meant to be used in place of a regular parking permit during any periods of teaching,  such as in FERP, nor is it transferable to any other person. (For FERP please purchase your semester parking permit at cashier's, vist HR first.)

Policy on Emeritus Faculty


Other CSU Parking Permits

California State University, East Bay validates any other CSU permits as long as they fall under the required dates, for the semester system, at CSUEB.


Contractor and Visitor Permits

If you are a contractor or visitor that will be parking on our campus for any length of time, please make sure the department or office you are working with secures a parking pass for you. Each department on campus is aware of the procedures needed to make sure you have a parking permit. Please be sure the day before you are scheduled to be on campus that you have called your designated department office and made plans for obtaining the permit for the day(s) you will be on campus.


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