University Shuttle

CSUEB Shuttle Q&A

  • Why does University Parking Services offer a free shuttle service? Occasionally the demand for parking on campus exceeds supply. As such, we offer this service to help reduce the demand for on campus parking by augmenting alternative transportation options.
  • How is the shuttle paid for? The service is primarily paid for from parking citation revenues. These revenues cannot legally be used for activities outside of parking and alternative transportation. As such, paying for this shuttle will not reduce available funds for other campus activities. The rest of the funding come from  the University parking department. The University parking department is a self-supported operation, which means the parking department receives no funding from the University or the State.
  • If the shuttle is full can I still ride AC Transit? There are two options if the shuttle is full. A person can either wait for the next run on the schedule or take AC Transit. However, AC Transit will charge you to ride their bus. With a third shuttle running to Hayward BART and a shuttle to the Castro Valley BART Station, we hope that having full shuttles will be greatly reduced, however we cannot guarantee seats at any given time.
  • Are bikes allowed on the shuttles? Bicycles are not allowed inside the campus shuttle, however the shuttles do have bike racks on the outside of the shuttle that the rider can use to transport their bicycles.
  • Are scooters allowed on the shuttles? Scooters are allowed inside the campus shuttle only if they are folded and contained to your seat. Scooters cannot be placed in aisles or on external bike racks.