Special Permit Requests

The University Parking Services provides assistance with special parking and permit needs of individuals or groups in order to facilitate the business operations of the University according to the following regulations and procedures.


Special Permits, Privileges and Dispensations

Special parking privileges may be extended when circumstances essential to the attainment of the University's mission or welfare of the community exist. Special dispensations are allowed in the following circumstances:

  1. Vendors and contractors performing duties contracted by the university while parked in a specific area designated by the University Parking Services.
  2. Faculty and staff on non-paid status working on campus; including emeritus faculty.
  3. Student orientation and recruitment events.
  4. Campus community events

Special dispensations for special parking shall be authorized by and coordinated with the University Parking Services. The following conditions shall apply:

  1. Parking enforcement shall occur at all times except as noted in this policy. If cancellation of enforcement is required, written approval must be obtained from the University Parking Services.
  2. Distribution of special passes is the responsibility of the department(s) or organization(s) who are responsible for the event. For large events, upon approval from the University Parking Services, special permits may be mailed in advance with the date, time and area specified on the permit.
  3. Application for special dispensations is to be made in writing via email parking@csueastbay.edu, a minimum of 14 days prior to the date permit is needed to allow for review and processing.
  4. Dispensations are limited to designated parking lots, which shall be assigned by the University Parking Services. The user of the Special Parking Permit is subject to the express limitations indicated on the permit.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are available to individuals or groups who have demonstrated a need for special parking as an alternate to their regular parking privileges. Purchase of a day/student/staff/faculty permit required.

Section 42201 (a) of the California Code of Regulations provides that parking fees shall be assessed to park vehicles upon CSU campuses and that those fees will be used to fund the operation, maintenance, and construction of parking facilities and associated transportation systems.


Official State Business Parking Permits

Official State Business Parking Permits Are available to University affiliates (individuals or groups) who have established a need for special campus access or parking to conduct official state business. The purchase of a regular parking permit is not required.

Section 42201(b)(2) of the California Code of Regulations stipulates that parking fees shall not be required of "Persons not employed by the campus, visiting the campus for the purpose of transacting State business with the campus."The University President, Vice Presidents and School Deans may issue these types of permits as needed. Faculty and staff expecting "Official State Visitors" should contact the appropriate administrator in advance to obtain these permits. Official State Business Permits shall not be issued to faculty, staff, or students to avoid payment of parking fees. All Official State Business Permits shall be written in ink or typed. Permits written in pencil shall not be honored. Official State Business Permits are issued to the University Presidents office, Vice Presidents office and School Deans by the University Police Department.


Requesting Temporary Parking Permits or Official State Business Parking Permits

Requests for Temporary Parking (Special Permit or Official State Business Permit) may be initiated by contacting the University Parking Services offices located at SF 140 or by calling (510) 885-3790.