University Shuttle Schedule - Hayward Hills Campus

Face coverings still required aboard public transportation

Face coverings required at all times while on shuttles. Nose & mouth must be covered. No exceptions. Failure to comply with this policy may result in losing shuttle privileges.

Shuttle with CSUEB letters

CSUEB Shuttle

The University provides complimentary shuttle service between CSUEB and the Hayward and Castro Valley BART Stations. The shuttles are funded by parking citation fees and shuttle 2 on the Hayward route is funded by an Alameda CTC/Bay Area Air Quality Management District grant. During the Semester, the shuttles run Monday-Sunday* and are available to all students, faculty, staff and members of the public.

You can board the Hayward BART Shuttle and Castro Valley BART Shuttle at the Recreation and Wellness Center (RAW) bus stop ONLY.

The Hayward BART Shuttles also make pick-ups along B St. and C St.  Monday - Sunday* (Please see schedule below).

The demand for the shuttles is high during certain times and all riders should leave extra time when commuting to or from campus during these peak periods.



For more information on seating capacity, face covering requirements and sanitation schedule, please click here.


Use BayCard on CSUEB Shuttles & Free WiFi

  • Swipe your BayCard or scan the BayCard App when you enter the shuttle.
The shuttles are still free, this just counts riders and helps us understand which days and times are busiest to improve service.
Click here for more info on the BayCard App:
  • Free WiFi on all shuttles!


Shuttle Schedules: 


Current Schedule

Fall Semester  -  October 1, 2021 - December 10, 2021* 

Concord Campus Shuttle - Suspended, check back in Spring 2022


Hayward Shuttle Schedule**

Monday - Sunday

From CSUEB to Hayward BART Station

From Hayward BART Station to CSUEB

Outside University Village to Hayward BART

Outside University Village to CSUEB (RAW stop)

**These times have been updated on 10/1/21, please note new times. 


Castro Valley Shuttle Schedule**

 Monday - Friday (No service on Saturday or Sunday)

From CSUEB to Castro Valley BART Station

From Castro Valley BART Station to CSUEB

**These times have been updated on 10/1/21, please note new times.


University Village/Campus Loop Shuttle Schedule

This shuttle runs Monday - Thursday only and makes a loop from Campus to University Village.  It can pick up and drop off at all campus stops. 

Monday - Thursday service by UV/Loop shuttle (picks up inside UV)

Mon-Thurs night after 7pm & all day Friday service by Castro Valley shuttle, no Loop service (picks up inside UV)

Friday (late night only), all day Saturday & Sunday service by Hayward shuttle, no Loop service (picks up outside UV, on street)


Monday-Thursday (click here for map of campus loop stops)

RAW Loop Stop

Meiklejohn Loop Stop

Library Loop Stop

Lot M Loop Stop

University Village

Music Loop Stop

Arts & Education Loop Stop

Student & Faculty Support Loop Stop


Friday Night, Saturday & Sunday  only (click here for map of these stops)

University Village to Hayward BART

University Village to CSUEB (RAW stop)

(This is the Hayward BART shuttle,  ask the driver to drop off outside University Village)



*Note: The CSUEB Shuttle does not run when the University is closed. View the University Holiday Schedule.

Shuttle times may be effected by traffic or weather conditions. While every effort is made to stick to the schedule, we cannot guarantee the times.

Shuttle Stop Images:

Recreation & Wellness (RAW) Stop (by Pioneer Heights Dorms)
Hayward BART shuttle stop
Downtown Hayward BART stop


B st 1st stop
"B" St 1st stop (movie theater across the street)
B St 2nd stop
"B" St 2nd stop (close to supermarket & shops)


C st stop
"C" St  stop (behind movie theater)
Cv Shuttle
Castro Valley BART stop


University Village Stop (Mon-Fri only)
Loop Stop - Music (Loop Mon-Thurs only)
Loop Stop - Arts & Education (Loop Mon-Thurs only)
Loop Stop - Student & Faculty Support (Loop Mon-Thurs only)
Loop Stop - Meiklejohn (Loop Mon-Thurs only)
library shuttle stop revised
Loop Stop - Library (Loop Mon-Thurs only)
Loop Stop - Lot M (Loop Mon-Thurs only)


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