Parking Policies


Welcome to California State University, East Bay! CSUEB has approximately 4,600 parking spaces for 14,000 students, employees, and visitors. Because parking spaces are a limited resource, parking policies are in effect Mondays-Thursdays from 7:00am to 11:00pm and Fridays from 7:00am to 5:00pm on the Hayward and Concord locations (see "Parking Fees Required" for Concord Center parking fee updates). Since a credible enforcement program is necessary part of the parking program, we urge you to familiarize yourself with these regulations.

Parking facility construction, operation, and maintenance in the California State University system is self-supporting. No general fund tax dollars are spent building, operating, staffing, and maintaining parking facilities. It is the responsibility of everyone who drives a vehicle to campus to pay their fair share.

Responsibility for establishing rules and responsibilities regarding the operation and parking of vehicles on CSUEB property is given to the University President pursuant to Section 21113 (a) of the California Vehicle Code (CVC). Collection of fees for parking on CSUEB property is pursuant to Section 42200, Title V Article 7 of the CVC. Administration and daily operations of the CSUEB parking program is the responsibility of University Parking Services. All information contained is subject to change without notice.

Chapter 1: Parking Fees Permits

Title 5, Article 7, Section 42201(a) of the California Code of Regulations specifies that the University President may grant permission for the parking of vehicles on campus to those persons who have paid a parking fee.

Valid parking permits are required on the CSUEB campus: Mondays-Thursdays from 7:00am to 11:00pm and Fridays from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Unless specifically exempted as described in this policy, parking fees are required of all persons, including patrons to special events such as cultural exhibitions, musical/theatrical performances, sporting events, conferences, etc.


Concord Campus update June 2023:

  • Parking permits are no longer required at the Concord Campus Student/General Parking Lot and the Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces (there is still an EV charge fee though) as of June 12, 2023. See ASI resolution for more information on this change
  • Please note a Faculty/Staff permit is required to park in the  Concord Campus Faculty/Staff Parking Lot

For maximum convenience of the community, the University provides various options for payment of required parking fees by persons wishing to park vehicles on campus.

1. Student Parking Permits (Hang Tag)

  • Students and frequent visitors may purchase a parking permit, valid for the current academic semester. Fall Semester 2018 parking permits are now sold online. Please purchase your permit online at My Campus Permit. Student parking permits, when properly displayed, are valid for parking privileges in all "General" parking lots and in "Faculty/Staff" lots after 5:00 PM Mondays-Thursdays. Permits are not required after 5:00 PM on Fridays and are not required at all during the weekends. Note: Parking fees are not included in Student Registration payments.

2. Faculty/Staff Parking Permits (Hang Tag)

  • Faculty/Staff may purchase either a semester parking permit, valid for the current academic semester, or an annual parking permit valid for the entire fiscal year. Proper display of a Faculty/Staff parking permit entitles parking privileges within all Faculty/Staff and General parking lots. Permits are available for purchase at the University Cashier's Office. Annual permits may be paid for in full at the time of purchase, or by enrolling in a monthly payroll deduction plan.

3. Motorcycle Parking Permits (Hang Tag)

  • Motorcycle Parking Permits, available to all and valid for the current academic semester, may be purchased online My Campus Permit. Proper display of a Motorcycle Parking Permit authorizes parking privileges in all on-campus areas reserved for motorcycle parking.

4. Day/Hourly Permits

  • Daily/Hourly, permits valid for the calendar date and time of issue, may be purchased from self-serve parking permit dispensers at a cost of $10.00/day or $2.00/hour. These permits, obtainable from dispensers located in Lots A, G, K, N and the Harder Road kiosk, authorize parking privileges in "General" parking lots when properly displayed. All dispensers take credit cards, coins, and bills (exact change only.) After 5 P.M. Mondays-Thursdays, parking is authorized in "Faculty/Staff" parking lots as well.

5. Visitor One-Day Parking Permits

  • Visitor One-Day Parking Permits, intended to provide advance purchase opportunities for expected department visitors, may be purchased from the Cashier's Office at a cost of $10.00 per day. Visitor One-Day Parking Permits are valid for one specified calendar date and when properly displayed, afford parking privileges in "General" parking lots at any time and in "Faculty/Staff" parking lots after 5 P.M. Mondays-Thursdays.

6. Temporary Parking Permits are available to the following:

  • Temporary University Employees
    Temporary university employees may purchase temporary parking privileges from the Cashier's Office during normal business hours (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday).
  • Special Session Students
    Persons enrolled in University sponsored classes having a duration of less than a full academic semester may purchase daily parking permits at any of the daily permit dispensers or permits can also be purchased from the Cashier's Office during normal business hours (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday).
  • Contractors
    Persons providing services to the campus on a contractual basis may purchase daily parking permits at any of the daily parking permit dispensers or permits can also be purchased at the Cashier's Office during normal business hours (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday).
  • Vendors
    Persons visiting the campus as sales representatives for private enterprise may purchase daily parking permits at any of the daily parking permit dispensers or permits can also be purchased at the Cashier's Office during normal business hours (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday).
  • Non-Official Visitors
    Persons visiting the campus in a non-official capacity, who intend to visit the campus for multiple days, may purchase daily parking permits at any of the daily parking permit dispensers or permits can also be purchased at the Cashier's Office during normal business hours (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday).
  • An authorized representative of University Parking Services may approve, upon request and demonstration of compelling need, the issuance of Temporary Parking Permits to persons within the following categories who have paid for regular parking privileges:
    • Permanent Employees - Employees eligible for employee benefits

7. Parking Meters

  • 1-Hour Meters - Intended for the use of Bookstore patrons as well as visitors of the campus, these meters are available on West Loop Road, immediately in front of Meiklejohn Hall. Rates are $2.00 an hour.

8. Disabled Students

  • Disabled Students with financial hardships may be eligible for a campus parking fee waiver. Applications are available from Accessibility Services.

Title 5, Article 7, Section 42201(b)(2) of the California Code of Regulations stipulates that parking fees shall not be required of "Persons not employed by the campus, visiting the campus for the purpose of transacting State business with the campus."

1. Limited time access:

  • Loading/Unloading Zones: Identified by black lettering of "15 Minute Loading/Unloading" on yellow backgrounds, payment of parking fees are not required for the use of these zones for their designated purpose of equipment loading/unloading.
  • Visitor Zones: Designated by white time limit lettering on green backgrounds, visitors are not required to pay parking fees for the use of these zones.

Medical Parking Permits

  • Persons with temporary physical disabilities, necessitating special parking privileges may request a medical parking permit from Accessibility Services.
  • A medical parking permit authorizes special parking privileges but does not preclude payment of required parking fees.

1. Parking Permit Ownership: While possession of a valid and current University parking permit entitles the possessor to parking privileges as specified in this policy, the University retains ownership rights and permits may be revoked, canceled or recalled for cause at the discretion of University Parking Services.

2. Parking Permit Manufacture: Unauthorized manufacture or possession of an altered or forged permit is prohibited and punishable by law and University administrative action.

3. Parking Permit Display

  • Parking Hang Tag - Student Semester, Faculty/Staff Semester and Faculty/Staff Annual parking permits shall be displayed in the following way:
    • Suspended from the rearview mirror, hanging and facing the windshield.
    • Placed on the driver's side dashboard of the vehicle, face up, fully visible, and in such a way as not to obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number. (Remove the permit from the dashboard before driving.)
  • Parking Permits - Day Permits, Visitor One-Day Parking Permits, Temporary Parking Permits, and Official State Business Parking Permits shall be placed on the following way:
    • Placed on the driver's side dashboard of the vehicle, face up, fully visible, and in such a way as not to obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number. (Remove the permit from the dashboard before driving.)

4. Lost/Damaged Parking Permits

  • Faculty & staff must initiate a report at University Parking Services for lost parking permits. In addition, the permit can be replaced at the University Cashier's Office for a nominal fee.
  • Damaged parking permits should be brought into the University Parking Services for verification of "destroyed" status; written authorization will be provided by University Parking Services, and this is to be taken to the University Cashier's Office to obtain a replacement parking permit for a nominal fee.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged permits only applies to faculty & staff.

Chapter Two - Vehicle Parking

All applicable provisions of the California Vehicle Code pertaining to the parking of vehicles shall apply anywhere on the university or upon any of the grounds or parking facilities owned or controlled by the university. Regulations contained within this policy are primarily promulgated by the authority of Section 21113 (a) of the California Vehicle Code. These regulations and all other provisions of the Code pertaining to the parking of vehicles will be enforced by University Parking Services.

The provisions of this policy prohibiting the stopping, standing or parking of a vehicle shall apply except when it is necessary to stop a vehicle to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with direction of a public safety officer or official traffic control devices.

All vehicles, unless exempted by University Parking Services, must be parked within marked parking spaces or designated areas.

1. Vehicles shall be parked within parking stalls, designated by parallel white boundary lines in parking lots and by "T" markings on roadways.

  • Operators of oversized vehicles must contact University Parking Services for review and determination of appropriate parking arrangements.

2. Reserved Parking Stalls - are provided for the exclusive use of a person or entity based on specialized needs that cannot be fulfilled through the application of any other provision of this policy.

  • Where spaces are appropriately posted to indicate that parking is restricted or reserved for the use of certain individuals, all vehicles parked in such spaces must conform to the posted restrictions or are required to have the expressed permission of University Parking Services.
  • Unless exempted by the California Vehicle Code, vehicles using such restricted parking spaces must display the appropriate university parking permits.
  • Requests for assignment of a reserved parking stall should be forwarded to University Parking Services through the requestor's appropriate Vice President.

3. Restricted Parking Stalls.

  • RED shall mean no stopping, standing or parking at any time except as permitted by the California Vehicle Code and except that a bus may stop in a red zone marked or signed a bus zone.
  • YELLOW shall mean no stopping, standing or parking at any time for any purpose other than the loading or unloading of passengers or materials. Loading or unloading of passengers shall be limited to no more than fifteen minutes, nor the loading or unloading of materials more than the time limit indicated. In the absence of yellow curb markings, signs will be posted to clearly indicate that the area is restricted to loading or unloading only.
  • GREEN shall mean no parking for longer than the posted time limit or is restricted to service vehicles only, as indicated.
  • BLUE is restricted to the use of disabled persons who possess disabled license plates or a disabled parking placard issued to them by the Department of Motor Vehicles or who have a Temporary Medical Parking Permit issued by the CSUEB Student Disability Resource Center. A valid CSUEB parking permit must be shown in addition to your disabled placard or a Temporary Medical Parking Permit to use spaces designated in the color blue or marked as "accessible parking."
  • 20-Minute Visitor Zones - Restricted to visitor use only. University employees and students prohibited.
  • Use of color regulated zones for other than their intended purposes is prohibited.

4. Faculty/Staff Parking Lots.

  • Faculty/Staff parking lots are restricted for the use of University employees, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM on days that classes are in session. After 5:00 PM and before 8:00 AM, and on days when classes are not in session, Faculty/Staff parking lots may be used by students and visitors. If you have a current disabled placard or a Temporary Medical Parking Permit and a valid CSUEB parking permit you may park in Faculty/Staff lots at any time as long as the space is not reserved.

5. General Parking Lots.

  • General Parking lots are available for the use of University employees, students and visitors.
  • Parking availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

6. Parking Meters.

  • Use of metered stalls requires deposit or meter fees or disabled placard with valid CSUEB parking permit.
  • CSUEB parking permits are not valid at parking meters, except for those vehicles displaying a Disabled Persons Placard, as described in the "Disabled Person Placard (DMV Issue)" section, or a University Medical Parking Placard.
  • Parking meter stalls are available to all vehicles, including motorcycles. Motorcycles must park fully into the stall; parking in between spaces is subject to citation.
  • Meter availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Parking at malfunctioning or failed meters is prohibited.

7. Motorcycle Parking Areas.

  • Motorcycles (including mopeds and scooters) shall be parked only within green zones marked "Motorcycle" or at parking meters (one motorcycle per stall). When parked, motorcycles must have a current, valid parking permit displayed.
  • All parked motorcycles must be registered with Parking Services. Please bring original receipt, parking permit decal and motorcycle licence plate number to SF 140. For further questions contact Parking Services at (510) 885-3790.

8. Bicycle Parking.

  • Bicycles shall only be parked at the bicycle racks located throughout campus.

9. No person shall loiter or remain within a parking facility except to park or retrieve a parked vehicle.

10. Overnight lodging in any vehicle on the grounds or roadways of the university without specific authorization from University Parking Services is prohibited.

11. No vehicle shall be parked or left standing as to interfere with or impede the normal flow of traffic.

12. No vehicle shall be parked or left standing as to interfere with or impede the normal movement of wheelchairs upon ramps installed for the purpose of assisting the movement of persons with disabilities.

13. Parking Prohibited.

  • No vehicle shall be parked in any area or upon any street or roadway or portion thereof when authorized signs or markings are in place prohibiting it.
22651(k) CVC:  If a vehicle is parked or left standing upon a highway for 72 or more consecutive hours in violation of a local ordinance authorizing removal.

Chapter Three - Parking Enforcement

1. The following is a list of the violations that University Parking Services cites to help ensure a safe and orderly parking program:

Citation Category Amount
* Parking citation fees can change at any time without notice.


2. Parking and traffic policies enacted by the University are applicable to all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

3. All Vehicles parking on campus must have a license plate and a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) correctly displayed or you will be subjected to towing.

4. Per CVC 22651 repeated violations may result in the towing impound of the vehicle. Vehicles with five or more unpaid citations on the CSUEB campus are subject to towing at the owner's expense. Vehicles that are towed for repeat violations may be released to the registered owner once all outstanding citations are paid and towing/storage fees are paid to the towing agency.

5. Parking enforcement is conducted by officers of University Parking Services.

Chapter Four - Parking Citation Adjudication

Vehicle Code Section 40200 - 40230 outlines the civil administrative procedures by which citations are issued and processed for adjudication under this policy.

California Vehicle Code Section 40200.8 specifies that an individual who receives a parking citation must pay a parking citation penalty within 21 days of the date of citation issuance without accruing delinquent payment service fees as specified in Section 40220.

1. Payment should be made in the amount listed on the citation in the form of check or money order to:

Parking Management Bureau - CSU East Bay
One University Circle
Turlock, California 95382

Or payments (most major credit cards accepted) can be made via the Internet at PMB Solutions.

The Citation Appeal Process is provided for the review and processing of contested parking citations involving violations of the California Vehicle Code and California State University, East Bay Parking Policies relating to the parking of vehicles within the area of jurisdiction of California State University, East Bay. The University Parking Services acknowledges that it is important that the adjudication process be fair and convenient from the viewpoint of those contesting alleged parking violation, while at the same time being efficient, centralized a uniform.

The policies and procedures that have been established for the operation of the Citation Appeal Process are designed to be fair and efficient. It is the primary goal of the Citation Appeal Process to provide all individuals issued a parking violation a forum in which the facts of their case may be reviewed fairly and a disposition rendered in a timely manner.

Individuals who have received a parking citation have the right to appeal the citation under a three-step process outlined by the Vehicle Code Section 40215.

Step 1 "Initial Review" California Vehicle Code Section 40215(a)

1. Within 21 calendar days of the California State University, East Bay, University Parking Services issuance of a Notice of Parking and/or Registration Violation, or within 21 calendar days of the citation processing agency's (Parking Management Bureau/CSUEB) mailing of Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation, the parking violation respondent may request University Parking Services to conduct an "initial review" of the citation notice.

2. A request for initial review may be initiated online via the PMB Solutions; followed by clicking on the "Dispute Citation" link. Next, enter either the ticket number or vehicle license plate. Fill out the "Respondent's Information" form and with as much detail as possible, fill out the "Statement of Appeal" form.

  • If University Parking Services establishes that the violation did not occur, that the registered owner of the vehicle was not responsible, or that extenuating circumstances make dismissal of the citation appropriate, UPS will cancel the Notice of Parking Violation, or Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation, and will notify the citation processing agency of the dismissal.
  • UPS will also notify the respondent via email, of its decision to grant or deny the citation dismissal request.
  • If UPS denies the citation dismissal request, the respondent may appeal the decision as described in "Step 2."

Step 2 "Administrative Hearing" California Vehicle Code 40215(b,c)

Within 21 calendar days following UPS's decision not to grant a citation dismissal, a parking violation respondent may request by telephone that an "administrative hearing" be conducted by the citation processing agency (Parking Management Bureau/CSUEB) Examiner. The respondent may choose to have the hearing conducted by telephone, mail, or in person; however, the respondent will be required to deposit the amount of the parking penalty with the processing agency before commencement of the hearing. The Parking Management Bureau will notify the respondent in person, or via mail, of its decision to grant or deny the citation dismissal request.

The Parking Management Bureau will notify the respondent in person, or via mail, of it's decision to grant or deny the citation dismissal request.

Step 3 "Court Appeal" California Vehicle Code 40230(a)

Within 30 calendar days following the parking management Bureau/CSUEB Examiner's decision not to grant a citation dismissal, the respondent may file an appeal to be heard by the Municipal Court. The Court requires a $25 fee for the filing of the appeal, and will retain the fee regardless of the outcome of the appeal decision. If the Court finds in favor of the respondent, the Parking Management Bureau/CSUEB will reimburse the respondent that fee.

As specified in California Vehicle Code Section 40202 (f) "Under no circumstances shall a personal relationship with any officer, public official, or law enforcement agency be grounds for cancellation".

Circumstances that may provide reason for cancellation of a parking citation generally includes the following categories.

1. Administrative error.

  • Administrative notification procedures and timetables specified by the California Vehicle Code was not followed in issuance or processing of a citation.
  • Officer erroneously cites a vehicle, or erroneously fills out a Notice of Parking violation in a manner that casts doubts as to the identification of the vehicle.
  • Misinformation by a University parking enforcement official results in the issuance of a parking citation.

2. Failure of the parking/traffic environment.

  • Control devices, signs or signals malfunction.

3. Emergent circumstances.

  • Verifiable personal or University emergency.

4. Policies.

  • Laws or regulations exercised are not applicable to the situation or exercised in error.

5. When the citation is the result of obvious confusion in regards to parking regulations, lot or stall markings and/or signage However, ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.

  • When an individual has shown that he/she went above and beyond in trying to comply with the University's parking regulations.

6. An individual cited for improper use of a disabled placard and who can show that he/she is the holder of, or authorized to use a disabled placard.

7. In the Interest of Justice - After reviewing all information, the Parking Administrator may determine that justice would not be served by imposing a penalty.

Chapter Five - Special Dispensation and Assistance

University Parking Services endeavors to provide assistance for the special parking needs of individuals or groups in order to facilitate the business operations of the University and/or to provide for the welfare of the community. University Parking Services is available to assist with planning parking resources for events. It is the desire of the Department to work in collaboration with event sponsors and promoters in order to assure that our visitors to campus special events are accommodated.

In order to facilitate the special needs of the community, University Parking Services has provided on-line web access to its most frequently requested services.

Chapter Six - Waivers & Exclusions

1. The State of California, CSU East Bay (and its employees) shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss by theft, fire, accident, or any other cause whatsoever to any vehicle, or contents thereof, that occurs on University property.

2. Any vehicles used by CSU East Bay Facilities Management, or firms under contract to the University for construction or maintenance work upon the grounds of the University, or any vehicle used by the United States Postal Service or the campus mail service for the collection, transportation or delivery of United States mail, may be exempted from some or all of the provisions of this policy by the University Parking Services.

3. The provisions of this policy relating to the operation, parking and standing of vehicles shall not apply to any vehicle or to the operator of any vehicle of police or fire departments, any public ambulance or any public utility vehicle, when such vehicle is operated in the manner specified in the California Vehicle Code in response to an emergency.

  • Authorized Emergency Vehicles designated under California Vehicle Code Section 165 shall be exempt from the provisions of the CSUEB Parking and Transportation Policy.

4. The foregoing exemptions shall not protect the driver of any vehicle from the consequences of his/her willful disregard for the safety of others.

Chapter Seven - References

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