Shuttle Services Departmental Request

The university does not provide shuttle services for departmental use. Departments can contact SP+ Parking & Transportation, which currently operates the campus shuttle service for any shuttle needs.


Contact: Nora Hernandez, SP+ Parking & Transportation



Step 1: Request a quote on letterhead from SP+ Parking & Transportation.

When requesting a quote provide the following details:

  • Date range needed
  • How many passengers
  • Address of the destination
  • Leave from campus, time (each day)
  • Arrive at destination, time (each day)
  • Depart from destination, time (each day)
  • Return to campus, time (each day)
  • If the request is for one day only, will the shuttle be needed during the day or can they drop off and return later for the return trip?


Step 2: If the quote is acceptable, contact Diego Campos in Procurement to generate a purchase order.