Spring 2022 Tournament Schedule

To register to play Intramural Sports, login to your RAW Portal or use your RAW Member App and select the sport you wish to play. See our Registration Process page for a step-by-step guide to joining or creating a team, or becoming a Free Agent. As a reminder, all participants will need to have a valid Bay Card or RAW Member App barcode in order to play.


Spring 2022 Tournaments: All events take place at the RAW and start at 5p. 


Team Registration


Day of Play

Basketball (3v3)

Opens: April 4

Closes: April 28 at 3p

Single or Double Elim Thursday April 28
(Singles & Doubles)

Opens: April 4

Closes: April 13 at 3p
Closes: April 20 at 3p

Single or Double Elim

Wednesday April 13 (Singles)
Wednesday April 20

Volleyball (6v6)

Opens: April 4

Closes: April 19 at 3p

Single or Double Elim Tuesday April 19
Dodgeball (6v6)

Opens: April 4

Closes: May 5 at 3p

Single or Double Elim Thursday, May 5