Freshman Academic Pathways

Firsge-fye-components.pngt-year freshmen participate in the Freshman Year Experience (FYE) program which is made up of the first-year pathway courses, coordinated academic advising, and many resources and opportunities. 


Freshman Academic Pathways

ge-freshmanpathways.pngFirst-year pathways for freshmen include the essential skills GE courses, the Foundations of Success sequence, and courses that are part of the degree major roadmap. Each student's designated advisor (from the FASST team of advisors) will enroll students in the appropriate courses during their first year.

Essential Skills GE Courses

The "essential skills" courses in Math/Statistics (GE Area B4 Quantitative Reasoning) and English (GE Area A2 Written Communication).  You must attempt completion of these two requirements by the end of your first year. Your Placement Categories and major will determine which Math/Stats (B4) Pathway and which English (A2) Pathway you will take.  Click on the links below for more info about:

  1. English (A2) Pathways
  2. Math/Stats (B4) Pathways
  3. Placement Categories

Foundations of Success Course Sequence

Courses that focus on community building and strategies for academic success.  These courses are the hub of your first year experience and include General Studies (GS) 101A Foundations of Success I in your first semester and GS 101B Foundations of Success II in your second semester.


Major Roadmap Courses

Courses that may be required or recommended by your major according to the Undergraduate Degree (Major) Roadmaps and that fill your first-year course load.  The recommended average unit load per semester is 15 units to be on track for graduation within 4 years (or 8 semesters).  However, 12 units is the minimum course load considered full-time for Financial Aid purposes.