Freshman Year Experience

Freshman Year Experience Goals

ge-fye-goals-cube.pngThrough its Freshman Year Experience (FYE) Program, Cal State East Bay strives to provide a coherent first-year package of learning and networking experiences with the goal of helping students build community, develop skills, and access resources and opportunities. The program forms the foundation for academic growth and supports students as they embark on their academic journey at CSUEB. 


Freshman Year Experience Components include coordinated care, academic pathways, and opportunities & events.

Coordinated Care System of Advising

All freshmen will have a designated academic advisor who will begin working with each student as soon as they submit their Student Intent to Register and will continue to do so through the student's sophomore year. Academic advisors are an integral part of the FYE. 

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Academic Pathways

The pathways of courses student take during their freshmen year are largely mandated by the CSU system and the major departments.  While there is some flexibility in elective courses and course schedules, students are expected to complete certain GE requirements by the end of their freshman and sophomore years. Which pathways of courses students take primarily depend on the major and placement categories.  

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Opportunities & Events

Students are provided with many opportunities and events throughout their first year both within and outside of their first-year courses.  These experiences are designed to help students meet their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

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Freshman Orientation and Admission News

Keep Up to Date on Freshman Orientation Plans for Summer

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Contact Us

For questions and to get more information about the FYE at CSUEB, email, or call (510) 885-2941.

The FYE is coordinated through the Department of General Studies located in SA 1500 on the Hayward Hills campus.