Pioneer Success Coaching

  • "Meeting with a Student Success Coach helped me realize how easily my dreams could become a reality." - Ysabella, CSCI Student
  • "My success coach has been a mentor, friend and great resource whenever I had any questions. I greatly appreciate all the help she’s given me." - Isabelle, CEAS Student
  • "Cindy has always been very attentive and shows she cares for the students she works with and I greatly appreciate her and the countless times she has helped me in my academic career." - Guadalupe, First Year Student
  • "Pioneer Success Coaching has benefitted me tremendously in my academic career. Without the guidance and resources of my success coach I would not have been on track to graduate on time." - CBE Student

Mission Statement

Pioneer Success Coaches assist individual students by providing in-depth advising services that address complex situations, as well as partnering with academic advisors and other campus units to promote student success and development. Coaches continuously assess and modify their approach to satisfy the ever-changing needs of students and facilitate academic empowerment. 


Our Pioneer Success Coaches

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