College Futures


In August 2022, the College Futures Foundation funded a grant to inform tailored re-engagement efforts to increase both transfer and retention rates—especially among historically underserved students. As an initial phase, Cal State East Bay (CSUEB) and San Francisco State University (SFSU) will collaborate with Bay Area community colleges to conduct a 12-month comprehensive study of regional community college and four-year students  who have stopped out. This research is to deepen our understanding of why community college students stop attending college—or state universities if they transferred before stopping out—so that we can remove barriers impeding the successful degree completion.


The study will focus on three areas while intentionally strengthening and fostering effective partnerships between Bay Area community colleges and both CSUEB and SFSU:

1) Reach and inform prospective university students early in their community college careers 

2) Re-engage students who have stopped attending community college or university

3) Improve transfer student experiences at CSUEB and SFSU


Aug.-Oct. 2022

  • Engage a network of stakeholders at Bay Area community colleges, CSUEB, and SFSU focused on understanding why CCC and 4-year university students stop out/don’t transfer and how to better communicate with potential transfer students about their options.
  • Hire an external market research firm.
  • CSUEB and SFSU presidents host online kick-off event and present project goals to a network that includes college and school district chancellors, presidents and superintendents.

Nov. -Dec. 2022

  • Co-develop with the market research firm a market research plan that is based on data from students who represent the demographics of our target groups.
  • Market research firm develops focus group scripts, and identifies participants.

Jan.-April 2023

  • Market research firm shares preliminary research results, adjustments made if necessary.

May-July 2023

  • Market research firm develops a re-engagement plan informed by market research results.
  • CSUEB and SFSU present findings and recommendations for a second phase of project (implementation) during online presentation to leadership groups.