Grading Policy

It is an integral part of the teaching responsibility of the faculty to provide careful evaluation and timely assignment of an appropriate grade to each enrolled student. There is a presumption that grades assigned are correct. It is the responsibility of anyone appealing an assigned grade to demonstrate otherwise. In the absence of compelling reasons, such as instructor or clerical error, prejudice, or capriciousness, the grade determined by the instructor of record is to be considered final. Final course grades must be submitted by the faculty by the established deadline.

If you believe that an appropriate grade has not been assigned, and you cannot resolve the matter informally with the instructor, department chair, and/or college dean/associate dean, you should present your case to the Presidential Appointee to the Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee (GAAGC), 510-885-3716, no later than one semester after you received the grade. The committee may authorize a change of grade under certain circumstances (see "What recourse do I have if I believe I have received a grade that is inappropriate?" in this chapter.). If the instructor of record does not assign a grade to an individual student, the appropriate failing grade for nonattendance ("WU" or "NC") is automatically recorded. You have one semester to petition the committee if you believe the instructor should have assigned an academic grade. If the instructor of record is unable to assign course grades, the committee is authorized to ensure that other qualified faculty assign grades.

For purposes of correcting an error, an instructor may change a grade with approval of his/her department chair and college dean. No grade may be changed once graduation has been recorded unless an error has been made, in which case students have one term after their degree has been awarded to dispute the grade and have it corrected, or if a fairness petition has resulted in a grade change. The administrative symbol for withdrawal cannot be assigned by a faculty member.