Transfer Student Information

General Information for Fall Semester 2024 Transfer Students

Welcome to Cal State East Bay!  We are glad you are joining us.  We have some general information for incoming transfer students:

  • All official communication from the University will be sent to your Horizon email.  Check it regularly.
  • On April 2 or shortly after you submit your intent to register (usually, about 2 days later), whichever is later, you should be assigned a registration window.  During your registration window, you can enroll in or wait list up to 18 units of courses.  Here are instructions on how to register through MyCSUEB.  One of our Peer Academic Coaches created a video on registering through MyCSUEB.
  • About upper-division General Education (GE), you might check our Academic Advising and Career Education’s Guide for New Transfer Students
  • If you are transferring from another CSU (e.g., San Jose State University), the GE Areas you satisfied there will transfer here directly.  Our “overlay” requirements may differ from theirs, however, even if they have a similar name.  You might need to check with an advisor. 
  • If you went to a California Community College (such as Chabot College or Diablo Valley College), you can check which GE areas you have satisfied there in the past two years using the lists on this page.  For courses more than 2 years old, you might use TES, outlined below.
  • If you have not sent in a final official transcript, you should have an unofficial copy for your major advisor.  It will also help your major advisor if you have an idea of how your previous college courses align with ours.  (We call this "articulation”.)  CSUEB uses the "Transfer Equivalency System" (TES) to officially articulate courses with other colleges and universities.  We have a video outlining the instructions below.
    • Suppose that you took BIOSC 102 at Diablo Valley College and want to know how it articulates at CSUEB.  In "Institution Search," you might type "Diablo Valley" and click on the "search" button.  
    • Then, select "Diablo Valley College".  Click on the "search" box, and type "Biosc".  
    • For "BIOSC-102", there are 3 entries.  The first indicates that the course satisfies the B2 requirement of our GE program.  The second and third indicate that the course would be considered equivalent to either BIOL 100 or BIOL 101 AND BIOL 102.  (If you are a Biology major or in another major that requires BIOL 101/2, you would get that equivalency;  otherwise, it would count like BIOL 100 for you.)  If your course is not listed, it might not have been articulated yet.  This is common for out-of-state schools.  For major courses, your major advisor might request a new articulation.  Sometimes, courses that do not articulate are allowed as substitutions;  contact your major advisor.
  • We keep a list of roadmaps for all major programs.  (The roadmaps for the 2024-25 Catalog will be published in early April when the "Beta Catalog" becomes available.)  If your major is not linked on this page (such as a new major like Accounting and Analytics), contact your major department. Note that roadmaps, while useful, cannot replace major advising.  You should plan on speaking with your major advisor once per semester.
  • College advising centers can be reached as follows.  You can find which college your major is in using the Catalog.
    • College of Business & Economics (CBE) (
    • College of Education & Allied Studies (CEAS)
      • Kinesiology
      • Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism
    • College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS)  (
    • College of Science (CSCI) (
  • For general education and University requirement questions not addressed here, please write  
  • We recommend the following steps:
    • Step 1. In consultation with your MAJOR advisor and your major roadmap, work to build a full schedule based off of your remaining major requirements. Full time = 12 units, approximately 15 units is the suggested load but will vary each term depending on the major roadmap and your personal situation. Please use the above listed resources to locate your roadmap, your major advisor, and the classes you have completed/have remaining.
    • Step 2. If you DO NOT have a full schedule, in consultation with your MAJOR advisor, please look to fill University Writing Requirement (UWR), and/or upper division GE areas B, C and D, along with the three overlay requirements, Diversity, Social Justice and Sustainability, which are university graduation requirements.
    • Step 3. If you still DO NOT have a full schedule, please look at any remaining lower division GE requirements you many need. You can write to with any questions on remaining GE requirements to complete your schedule.

If you are interested in taking a course at Cal State East Bay during Summer Session, 2024?  Information will be available in early April.