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Pioneer Pathways continues to roll out mission-critical initiatives to accomplish our goals with respect to the Student Experience and Advising Development.  These initiatives include our new COPA Program, INSPIRE Program, Equitable Online Advising, Advisor Enrichment, our Summer Rise Program, and much more.  

COPA - Cohort Onboarding Pipeline for Advisors.  A training program for Advisors and the first of its kind at CSUEB.  Our first cohort is already in motion and we're hiring for the next!  

PROJECT INSPIRE - A first year learning community that offers culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy.  This project will continue through 2023.

EQUITABLE ONLINE ADVISING - An initiative to create a clear, transparent, and accessible advising landing webpage for students created internally by Advising faculty and staff.

ADVISOR ENRICHMENT & WELLNESS - Mental and physical health is more important than ever.  This initiative invites internal advising staff to participate in gym memberships on campus, group activities in community, and ways to connect and energize after much time apart.

SUMMER RISESummer Transition Empowerment Program for incoming students 

We are rolling out a new Advising Model to better serve our students 

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CSU East Bay is committed to the academic success of our students. Our Pioneer Pathways initiative and projects focus on creating a proactive, comprehensive, and student-centered advising ecosystem that supports every student on their path towards graduation. 

On behalf of Cal State East Bay, the Pioneer Pathways steering committee thanks the Stupski Foundation for awarding the university with grant funds that support the projects and further the goals of our Pioneer Pathways initiative.

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