Measures and Metrics Dashboards

Using Pioneer Insights

The Steering Committee uses metrics derived from Pioneer Insights in order to make data-driven decisions. The metrics below provide indicators to assess the outcomes of the Predictive Analytics and Proactive Advising activities and are monitored by various dashboards supported by Cal State East Bay’s office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research. Data on tables were also provided by IER and/or the respective system administrators from Academic Programs & Services.

Browse the curated list of interactive metrics used by the Steering Committee. 

Graduation Initiative 2025

This dashboard shows the freshmen six year and four year, california community college transfer, and upper division transfer four year graduation rates at CSU East Bay and equity gaps in those graduation rates. CSUEB is seeing an increase in 4 year undergraduate graduation rates and both 2-year and 4-year rates remain positive. 

Intermediate Student Outcomes

Number of Units

The interactive dashboard below reports the average units enrolled. Enrollment load of 12+ units remains strong. We may need to revisit the conversation for 15 units to graduate students in a more timely way.


Successful Completion of Math & English

The interactive dashboard below shows completion of A2 (math) and/or B4 (english) courses at East Bay in the first year. Cohorts include all first-year frosh, including those who fulfilled the requirement and part-time students. 



Term-to-Term Registration

Term-to-term registration is included in the First Year Retention dashboard (below) on the upper right tab, under attrition. At this time, we do not report out the overall institutional term-to-term persistence. Of 1,424 first-year students in Fall 2019, 313 students did not return for Fall 2020. Of 1,088 first-year students in Fall 2020, 218 students did not return for Fall 2021.

Students who "Stop Out"

An internal dashboard for stop outs is being developed that is currently not accessible to external stakeholders. However, one may interact with the Graduation Applications and Completion Yield Data (below), which is under the same dashboard referenced in our Graduation Initiative 2025 metrics.


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