Steering Committee

About the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is charged with the overall responsibility to guide advising initiatives and the health of advising culture at Cal State East Bay. Through collaboration, this committee will establish strategic goals, implementation plans, and accountability metrics for advising. This committee shares ownership and provides meaningful feedback regarding grant processes, gaps, and challenges; and provides direction for future actions to external stakeholders and campus leadership. 
Photo of Jennifer Aure

Jennifer Aure

Director of the Office of Undergraduate Advising, CBE

Jennifer has been at CSUEB since 2010 and has held many leadership positions in the College of Business and Economics since. She is currently the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Advising, College of Business and Economics.  

Photo of Angela Byrns

Angela Byrns

Pioneer Success Coach - CEAS
Angela started at CSUEB in 2013 as an Academic Advisor for the College of Education and Allied Studies advising 800+ majors  for the Department of Kinesiology and Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism.  In 2019, Angela transitioned to a Pioneer Success Coach  providing in-depth advising services to high concern identified students within the College of Education and Allied Studies
Photo of Dr. Luz Calvo

Dr. Luz Calvo

Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Equity, CLASS

Dr. Luz Calvo is Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Equity in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.  They are faculty in the Department of Ethnic Studies and are one of the co-founders of GANAS, a program designed to increase the retention of Latinx transfer students. 

Image of Martin Castillo

Dr. Martin Castillo

Associate Vice President - Equity & Belonging/Dean of Students

Dr. Martin Castillo has been at CSUEB since 2010 starting as a Director and is currently the Associate Vice Present - Equity & Belonging as well as the Dean of Students.  Martin has a PhD in Higher Education.  

Photo of Philip Cole-Regis

Philip Cole-Regis

Interim Operations Manager, Divison of Academic Affairs

Beginning in 2015, Philip made the transition to Cal State East Bay as the coordinator for Graduate Studies. In 2019 he completed his MBA at CSU East Bay and was appointed Budget Analyst for Academic Programs & Services. Since 2021, Philip has managed academic projects and initiatives funded by grants - working closely with external stakeholders and partners across divisions. As of 2023, he was appointed as the Interim Operations Manager for the division of Academic Affairs. 

photo of Shannon Coskran

Shannon Coskran

PACE Advisor and Coordinator

Shannon has been at CSUEB since 2015.  In addition to coordinating all aspects of the Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE), she is an Academic Advisor.  She is also an instructor for General Studies for Transfer Students.  

Photo of Dr. Julie Glass

Dr. Julie Glass

Associate Dean for Student Success and Equity in the College of Science

Dr. Julie Glass is a professor of Mathematics and was chair of that department for 7 years.  She strives to create and support a community with this common goal: for all students to achieve their educational objectives, graduate and use their skills, talents, and passion to create the lives they choose and serve the communities where they live. 


Photo of Bill Irwin

Bill Irwin

Student Success Specialist

Bill Irwin joined CSUEB in the spring of 2016 as the Athletic Academic Advisor after stops at Utah State, West Point, Columbia University, Western New England University and Springfield College. His primary role was academic and eligibility advising for the Student Athletes and was part of the first Freshman and Sophomore Support Team (FASST) at East Bay. He has switched roles at CSUEB and is now the Student Success Specialist working with advisors across campus and the app admin for EAB’s Navigate platform.

Provost Jacobs

Provost Walt Jacobs

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Walt Jacobs was appointed to CSUEB on July 1, 2022. Prior to this appointment, he was a University Dean for nine years: seven as the Dean of the College of Social Sciences at San José State University (2015-2022), and two as the Founding Dean of the College of Social Sciences & Professional Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (2013-2015). Prior to joining UW-Parkside, he was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for fourteen years, including five years as the Chair of the Department of African American & African Studies (2007-2012). He received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (1990), and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in sociology from Indiana University-Bloomington (1995, 1999). He has received department, college, and university awards for undergraduate teaching. Provost Jacobs is deeply invested in higher education leadership, mentoring, and coaching activities.

Photo of Danvy Le

Dr. Danvy Le

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Danvy Le is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at CSUEB, chair of General Studies, and faculty co-lead for Incoming Student Program for Inclusion, Retention, and Excellence (INSPIRE). A first generation college graduate, she earned her doctorate at UC Irvine and centers her work around community, inclusion, and empowerment. Her research examines mobilizing communities of color towards political incorporation and appears in several academic journals, including Social Science Quarterly and Politics, Groups, and Identities. She teaches classes in American Politics, Civic Action, and Race and Ethnic Politics and is also actively involved in political campaigns that uphold social justice values to further equity initiatives.
photo of Dr. Antonio Martinez

Dr. Antonio Martinez

Associate Director of EOP, Advising, and Initiatives

Dr. Antonio Martinez is serving as the interim Associate Director of EOP, Advising, and Initiatives. Dr. Martinez is from Richmond, California, and was a first-generation college student when he began his undergraduate journey at CSUEB. Dr. Martinez got his Masters's in Education from San Diego State University and then returned to CSUEB to obtain his Ed.D in Educational Leadership. 


Photo of Kathryn Palmieri

Kathryn Palmieri

Executive Director, Academic Advising and Career Development (AACE)

Kathryn (KP) has been at CSUEB since April 2020 as the Executive Director for Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE). A higher education professional with 25 years experience, she has worked at large public and mid-sized private institutions in both California and the Midwest. Her professional interests include student and identity development, diversity and social justice education, academic advising, student success, and career development.  


photo of Miguel Pimentel

Miguel Pimentel

Undocumented Student Resource Center Coordinator

Miguel Pimentel was born in Puruaran, Michoacan Mexico, but came to the United States when he was 11 years old. He has a double B.A in Ethnic Studies and Spanish from CSUEB, and an M.A. in Education/Counseling from San Jose State.  As an undocumented student in college, he was able to navigate the system in which he became the first in his family to attend and graduate from a 4-year university. He qualified to apply under Obama’s Administration Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that allowed him to work in the U.S.  Currently, he serves as the Full-time Coordinator for the Undocumented Student Resource Center (USRC) and a Part-time faculty member in the Department of Educational Psychology - School Counseling Master's Degree Program here at CSUEB.

Photo of cindy

Cindy Salinas

Freshman Pioneer Success Coach,  Peer Academic Coach Support Coordinator, and INSPIRE/General Studies Lecturer

Cindy Salinas is a first-generation Latina raised in Escondido, San Diego County. She is a CSUEB alum with a B.A.and M.A. After graduation, she worked as an Outreach Recruiter for East Bay with low-income, Spanish-speaking families who have students entering college from the Central Valley. She is currently the Pioneer Success Coach for the Academic Program & Services division and the Program Collaborator for the Peer Academic Coaching (PAC) program. She is also a lecturer for the Department of General Studies through the INSPIRE program called Foundations of Success. In all her roles at Cal State East Bay, her focus is to be available to help, guide, and support students toward graduation. In 2020, Cindy wrote a chapter in the book "Your Are Not Alone: Recipes to Obtain Sucess By Students for Students." Her mission is for all students to know they belong, they are worthy and there are many programs on campus that will give them the community they need to be successful.

Photo of Maureen Scharberg

Dr. Maureen Scharberg

Dean, Academic Programs & Services (APS)

Dr. Maureen Scharberg serves as Dean of Academic Programs & Services (APS) at CSUEB, focusing on improving student success through the lens of equity and belonging at CSUEB for academic programs, services and policies.  She provides leadership to her APS team as they work together to serve CSUEB's students, faculty and staff in accreditation, academic advising, assessment, curriculum, enrollment management as well as coordinating articulation, digital badges, grade appeal and an academic chatbot.  With over 30 years of experience in the CSU system, Dr. Scharberg has always been focused on student success and inclusiveness in her roles as a chemistry professor, a chemical educator and other science and campus-wide leadership positions.  She received her PhD degree in Chemistry from UC Davis and her BS degrees in Chemistry and Biological Sciences from UC Irvine.


Photo of Dr. Fanny Yeung

Dr. Fanny Yeung

Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Fanny Yeung, Ph.D., is the Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness & Research at CSUEB.  She is charged with leading campus conversations on student success, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, program assessment and evaluation. Fanny’s research has explored student experiences related to immigration histories, first-generation college students, campus climate, and qualitative research methods.