Pioneer Commute



Drive less, WIN MORE!

The new platform Pioneer Commute recognizes and rewards your actions to reduce the traffic, parking and environmental impacts of driving alone. Whether you’re coming to campus daily, learning and working from home, choosing lower-impact modes every day or mixing up your commute, you can reduce your impact and earn rewards!

Pioneer Commute is built on the RideAmigos platform and provides trip-planning, trip logging and ride-matching to earn prizes and incentives. Participants must actively log their trips by the last day of each month to qualify for incentives.

Find carpools or create one of your own, bike, take the bus, CSUEB shuttle or BART...start logging your commute now!


Pioneer Commute log in here:   login-button.jpg 


Pioneer Commute is partially funded by MTC, Metropolitan Transportation Commission  


  • Log on to the Pioneer Commute Portal; you will be redirected to
  • Click on “Login Here” located on the top right side of the screen.
  • Login using your CSU East Bay Single Sign-On credentials (Net ID & Password).
  • Select your user network (Students or Faculty/Staff are on a separate networks).
  • Follow the prompts to set up your commutes. Start logging your commute daily or weekly just make sure all the days are logged by the end of each month.
  • Your regular participation by “trip-logging” provides automatic entry into any active Pioneer Commute incentive drawings.


Questions about the process? Check out the Pioneer Commute Portal FAQ.

Why Try Pioneer Commute Carpool?

Flexible scheduling: Use everyday, a few days a week or even just one day a week - it's up to you and what works for your schedule.

Closed or Open matching: You can start a closed carpool and invite someone you already know or an open one and choose which gender you prefer to ride with. 

How do I protect my privacy?: Users can choose the level of information (email, phone & address) they would like to post to find and communicate with potential carpools once a user sends a contact email. If you do not want to share your street name, you are able to set your origin or destination at the nearest intersection or point of interest by dragging and dropping the pin on the map and the trip will be recalculated.

Driver or ride: Choose to be a driver and set up your own carpool or choose to ride. Split gas costs or driving/riding time, it's up to you! All carpoolers enjoy benefits like time savings, traffic reductions and new friends! The environment will thank you too!


For more information on how to join or start your own carpool, click here.

Each day you choose lower-impact travel modes, you can earn up to sixty points. Save and bank your points to redeem for awesome incentives, such as a swag or entry towards semester or monthly drawings! 

Note that points expire at the end of each semester.



Once you Start/Accept a Challenge, you’ll be automatically entered into it's drawings, just make sure you check the parameters (# of trip logs needed) first. Challenges will be offered twice a year in the following months: February & September.

You can also choose to enter drawings using your daily commute points. You can earn higher point values for lower impact commute modes (ie. more points for transit or biking than driving alone). Multiple lucky winners will be awarded prizes in the following months: March, April, October & November.

  • CSU East Bay Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible to participate in Pioneer Commute.
  • To earn incentives, you must sign-in to the Pioneer Commute Portal and log your commute trips. Trips must be logged as close to the end of the month as possible.
  • To be eligible for the drawings, you must be a current Pioneer Commute member at the end of the month/semester.
  • Grand prizes, or the combined value of multiple prizes, may be taxable. Winners are individually responsible for any taxes associated with their winnings.

Learn how to Trip Plan, Trip Log and start/search for a Carpool.

Use the FAQ feature here for more details including short videos.



What browsers does Pioneer Commute support?

Pioneer Commute works best on Chrome, but also works on Firefox, Safari, Edge, and the most recent Internet Explorer browser.


Can I use the app or just desktop version?

Yes, you can use the app "Commute Tracker by Ride Amigos".

  1. Log into the desktop version and retrieve your PIN from the dashboard or the Connected Apps section of your user profile.
  2. Install the Commute Tracker app from Google Play (Android) or the iOS App Store.
  3. When prompted, grant the app permission to use your location. This permission is essential for automated location-based commute detection.
  4. Tap “Yes, let’s go!” 
  5. Enter the 6-character Connect PIN in the space provided and your campus email.  Commute Tracker will sync to your existing account.
  6. Follow the prompts to provide information that allows Commute Tracker to detect and predict trips between your home and work. Make sure these are entered accurately.(Specific street addresses are required for both home and work in order for Commute Tracker to detect trips. General addresses such as “city, state” do not allow Commute Tracker to recognize when you’ve left your home or reached your workplace and therefore the app will not identify or log trips.)



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