Counseling Services

Counseling is currently providing both telehealth, and in person appointments.

Schedule an appointment at, call (510) 885-3735, or email

See what students are saying about our counseling services below!

  • "After one appointment I feel a lot better. Just to have someone to talk to was really nice. Getting an appointment was easy."
  • "My counselor was AMAZING. She created a safe space for to open up and really make some progress on my mental health."
  • "Each counseling session was such a safe and therapeutic space for me to address all my issues and concerns. . . My counselor was absolutely fantastic."
  • "It helped me in ways I couldn't imagine and at a time when I was self destructing and did not know where to turn."
  • "I have heard of safe space before, but I never really understood it or felt it until attending the group counseling sessions. The counselors created a space where I felt comfortable opening up and expressing myself honestly and without fear of judgement."
  • "(My counselor) saved my life. . . I am eternally grateful that this service was available to me, and that I got the care I need."
  • "This experience has brought on new changes in my life I didn't think were possible and it feels really good. I felt like I don't have to be stuck on the 'bad days' all the time."
  • "I feel seen, heard, and supported. . . I look forward to this group every week."
  • "I was a bit scared because I had never gone to counseling before and did not know how to start, but my counselor made it easy and comfortable for me to open up."
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Wellness Resources

Online Wellness Resources

A variety of online wellness resources organized by topic and community.

Self-Help Videos

Self-Help videos from our counselors.  For more like this, check out our YouTube channel, SHCS Counseling.

On-Campus Resources

Links to on-campus student support resources.

Meet the Counselors

Meet the Counseling staff, including bios and a short introduction video from each.