Fee Schedule

Basic health services are provided at no additional cost and elective health services are provided at low cost.

Basic health services are general medical visits with a health care practitioner for the care and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries, health education and family planning. These general medical visits are provided at no additional cost.

Elective health services are services that are considered elective in nature and not required for the care and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries, such as the special consultant visits. These services are provided at low cost.

I. Semester Fee for Basic Health Services
Regularly Enrolled Students (included in your registration fees)* $193.00
Non-Regularly Enrolled Students  (optional)** $193.00

Eligibility must be verified by Student Health & Counseling Services.

II. Elective Health Services
a. Laboratory Services
Complex tests sent to outside reference lab
$10.00 processing fee (one time per day) plus contract cost of test.
b. Pharmacy Services
Student pays Pharmacy prescription (Rx)/Immunization fee plus contract cost of medication/vaccine

Over-the-Counter Medications (OTC)

$4.50/Rx < $20.00
$5.50/Rx $20.00 to$30.00
$6.50/Rx $30.00 to $50.00
$7.50/Rx > $50.00
$1.50/Rx plus tax and contract cost of OTC
c. Radiology Services
Interpretation Fee (per case)

III. Miscellaneous Fees
Health Records Release
Health Record Release/Photocopy Charge

$6.00 plus .10 per sheet

Students will be charged late fee of $25 if they fail to appear or cancel late for an appointment. If you have to cancel an appointment, please notify the Student Health & Counseling Services at least one working day (24 hours) prior to your scheduled appointment by calling 510-885-4651.

* Regularly enrolled students are those students who pay all required fees to attend CSUEB, including the Student Health Fee (SHF).

** Non-regularly enrolled students are students who are attending CSUEB, taking classes for credits, but have not paid the University fees, including the SHF. Open University and Extended Education students are examples of non-regularly enrolled students.