About Student Health & Counseling Services

Student Health & Counseling Services is a  fully accredited by AAAHC outpatient clinic staffed by Board Certified Physicians, and licensed Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Counselors. Student Health & Counseling Services offers basic medical care for most illnesses and injuries and various elective services.

To provide the highest quality of care, Student Health and Counseling Services utilizes an integrated approach to your care. This means Student Health and Counseling Services staff (primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, counselors, and Health Promotion staff) may consult with one another on an as needed basis to coordinate your care. The medical information exchanged may include, but is not limited to, diagnosis, medications, laboratory results and sharing of medical/mental health notes. In addition, counselors may discuss your case with one another or videotape sessions (with your permission) for supervision purposes.


  • Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) assists California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) students in achieving their academic and career goals by maintaining optimal health.
  • SHCS shares responsibility with students for their physical and emotional well-being and for making informed, appropriate and healthy life choices.
  • SHCS is committed to providing high quality, low cost health care to all CSUEB students. These health care services are confidential and are responsive to the needs of our diverse student population.


You must be a regularly enrolled student or a non-regularly enrolled student to be eligible to use Student Health & Counseling Services.
  • Regularly enrolled students are those who pay all required fees to attend CSUEB, including the Student Health Fee (SHF).
  • Non-regularly enrolled students are those who are attending CSUEB, taking classes for credits, but have not paid the University Fees, including the SHF. Open University and Extended Education are examples of non-regularly enrolled students. They must pay the SHF to use Student Health & Counseling Services.

Medical Records

All medical and counseling records are strictly confidential. Information from records will not be released to anyone without the written authorization of the patient, except as required by law.