Counseling Presentation Videos

The following are videos of counseling staff presenting on commonly requested topics. These videos may be shown in classes, or to student groups; or watched individually. Please note that these videos were recorded in 2020, and that some of the information has changed; please note that both telehealth and in person appointments are now available, and see the Group Counseling page for our current schedule of groups.

We currently have videos available on Counseling Services, Stress Management, Self-Care, and Building Community and Resilience.  Please email to request additional topics, or to inquire about scheduling a live presentation for your class or group.

Counseling Services at Cal State East Bay

CSUEB Counselors Erin Harrell, Psy.D and Tori Parsons, ACSW, share information about counseling services for all currently registered East Bay students.

Stress Management and Counseling Services

CSUEB Counselors Bunny Ott, LMFT and Rukiya Reed, ACSW discuss strategies to identify and manage stress, as well as how students can access counseling services at CSUEB.

Self-Care and Counseling Services

CSUEB Counselors Rosa Mora, Ph.D and Dejaun Gray, AMFT share about the importance of self-care, and how to access counseling services at Cal State East Bay.

Building Community and Resilience

Counselor Kathryn Kirkpatrick, LCSW and Director Shauna Olson Hong, LCSW talk about building relationships, and strengthening resilience to overcome challenges.

Building Community and Resilience

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