Self-Help Videos

The following videos were created by Cal State East Bay counselors to help students manage stress and anxiety during this Covid-19 season.  Please follow along as they lead through the exercises, and use them as many times as you need to. 

We will continue to upload new videos, so check back regularly for more content.

Dealing with Family Stress over the Holidays, with Colleen Arnold, Ph.D, LMFT.

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"Five R's" of Self-Care, with Manveen Chahal, MA and his assistant Gusty.

Thanks to Leyla Eraslan, MA for developing these helpful categories!

For more information on basic needs support from Pioneers for HOPE, please visit

Effective Solidarity, with Kathryn Kirkpatrick, LCSW

Please also see these resources.  Pages are not associated with Cal State East Bay unless otherwise noted.

Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice

Guide to Allyship

Allyship (and Accomplice) - The What, Why and How

Anti-Racist Resources from the Office of Diversity

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Social Justice and Wellness from Counseling Services

Resilience in Context with Shauna Olson Hong, LCSW

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Social Justice and Wellness

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CSUEB Undocumented Resources

Butterfly Hug, with Bunny Ott, LMFT
Self-Care and Fresh Air, with Stacey Bellone, LCSW
Grieving Losses During Coronavirus, with Colleen Arnold, Ph.D, LMFT
Social Connection While Physically Distancing, with Chetina Hunter, LMFT
Survivor Safety and Self-Care, with Lorraine Holmes
Healthy Relationships while Quarantined, with Kathryn Kirkpatrick, LCSW
Gratitude Moment with Chetina Hunter, LMFT
Square Breath with Sarah Barnard, LMFT
Brain Dumping with Chetina Hunter, LMFT
Social Media Cleanse with Chetina Hunter, LMFT
Deep Breathing with Tara Fischetti, PsyD
Grounding with Bunny Ott, LMFT
Safe Place Visualization with Bunny Ott, LMFT