Information for Parents & Family Members

At Counseling Services, we sometimes hear from concerned family members that they are worried about a student of the university and don’t know what to do. We are happy to consult with you by phone about your concerns. Please remember that because of confidentiality, we can neither confirm nor deny any information about a student, including whether or not they are a client of the center. However, we will make every effort to guide and advise you on how you can be helpful to the student.

If you would like to consult with a counselor during business hours (Monday – Friday 9 – 5) please call the front desk and tell them you are a concerned family member and would like to consult with a counselor.

If your student is in immediate danger, you can reach our University Police Department at 510-885-3791, or you can call 911.

Information for Parents and Families
Counselors Rosa Mora, Ph.D and Bunny Ott, LMFT provide information to parents and families about services and support on campus for their loved one.