OPT STEM Reporting

OPT STEM Validation/Participation Report Requirements (24 months)

Students with an approved 24-month OPT extension must make a validation report to CIE every six months starting from the date the extension begins and ending when employment terminates or at the end of 24 months

What can I update in my SEVP Portal while on OPT STEM?

You have the ability to update your residential address and contact information via the Portal. You are not able to update employment as the I-983 is mandatory.

What do I have to validate?

You are required to submit a Validation Report every 6 months, changes or no changes. You MUST log into your SEVP Portal and make sure all information is current and up-to-date. You can edit your address, email and phone number. If any employer information needs to be updated, you must submit an update I-983 Form.

I-983 Evaluation- if you are at the 12-month or 24-month mark, you must also submit the evaluation page of the I-983 in addition to your validation report.

How do I submit my validation report?

Once you have completed the above, please send cie@csueastbay.edu an email with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your SEVIS number
  • Confirmation you have checked your SEVP Portal and everything is current
  • Request your validation report be submitted in SEVIS by an international student advisor
  • Submit Evaluation page (if required) 


If you are at your 12 month or 24 month mark of your STEM OPT, you are required to submit a signed page 5 of the I-983 at the same time as your validation report. 

Please note due to COVID, we will currently accept handwritten signatures, Adobe Docu-signatures (verified), Apple Pen signatures, and handwritten signatures that have been scanned and pasted into the signature field.

What if I need to update or change the information in the SEVP Portal?

 If your contact information or residential address required changes, please update them in your SEVP Portal. Any employer information that needs to be corrected/updated, please submit a new I-983 to cie@csueastbay.edu

No Updated I-983 Needed

Students must report but are not required to submit an updated I-983 for the following changes: 

  • New personal address within the US
  • New personal address outside of the US

New/Updated I-983 Needed

Students must report and are required to submit a new/updated I-983 for the following material changes: 

  • New employer
  • Change in supervisor and/or supervisor contact information
  • Employer street address (company/headquarter address)
  • Employer site address (physical work location)
  • Change to employer’s EIN
  • Any reduction in student compensation that is not tied to a reduction in hours worked
  • Any significant decrease in hours per week that a student engages in a STEM training opportunity
  • Changes to the employer’s commitments or student’s learning objectives as documented on the Form I-983
  • Company Acquisition/Merger 

Students must also report any changes to name, immigration status, or if student will forfeit the remainder of STEM OPT and will leave the country.

If you change your immigration status (i.e. H1B) you will be required to submit the Final Evaluation of Form I-983 along with a copy of your change of status approval notice. 

Additional Changes

In addition to the validation reports, students on a STEM extension must notify the CIE within 10 days of any changes to any of the above information.