Academic Training for J-1 Exchange Students

The information below applies to J-1 exchange students who hold DS-2019 forms issued by the Center for International Education. Students whose DS-2019 forms were issued by another organization (i.e., ACTR, IIE) will need to contact the sponsoring organization regarding information and authorization for Academic Training.

J-1 exchange students may engage in internships related to their field of study (major) on- or off-campus. This is known as Academic Training. The internship may be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time. Academic Training MUST be authorized by the Responsible or Alternate Responsible Officer in the Center for International Education before the student commences employment. The form to apply for authorization for Academic Training is contained here.

Eligibility and Policies for Academic Training

  1. You may begin Academic Training after the completion of their first semester at CSUEB.
  2. You must be in good academic standing at Cal State East Bay. Students on academic probation will not be authorized for Academic Training.
  3. You may engage in a maximum of three (3) months of Academic Training following the end of your course of study. 
  4. Although you may engage in paid or unpaid internships, students who wish to participate in an unpaid internship after the completion of his/her course of study must provide proof of adequate funds (i.e., bank statements) to cover living expenses ($2000/month).
  5. Authorization for full-time employment at times when school is in session and the student is taking a full load of courses will only be done if there is compelling reason to do so.
  6. All forms of Academic Training, both part- and full- time, are counted as full time towards the allowable time period for Academic Training.
  7. Post-completion (after course of study has ended) Academic Training must commence no later than 30 days after completion of course of study.
  8. Approval for Academic Training must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the DS-2019 expiration date.
  9. Authorization for Academic Training will only be given when the student has shown proof of purchase of appropriate health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation) that covers the entire Academic Training period.
  10. You must receive written authorization from a Responsible or Alternate Responsible Officer at the Center for International Education before commencing employment. Allow seven (7) working days to process the Academic Training request.

Procedures to Participate in Academic Training

  1. Secure an internship position. Visit AACE for more information and opportunities.
  2. Complete the Request for Academic Training Authorization form (include letter of job offer from employer).
  3. Obtain Academic Advisor's approval (Part II of the Request for Academic Training form) indicating that the goals and objectives of the proposed employment are directly related to your course of study.
  4. Turn in the Request for Academic Training Authorization form to the Center for International Education.
  5. Once approved, pick up your Academic Training Approval (and DS-2019 extension if needed) letter from the Center for International Education.
  6. Start working! If you, your prospective employer, or your academic advisors have any questions or concerns, please contact the Center for International Education at

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