Enrollment Requirements

Full Time Enrollment

International Students in F-1 status are required by immigration regulations to be enrolled full time during the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Summer and Winter sessions enrollment is optional- it is not required. However, if either of these terms if your final term, please submit a Reduced Course Load.

Definition of Full time Enrollment: 

Undergraduate Students- undergrads are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 units per semester. 

Graduate Students and Post-Baccalaureate- graduate students are required to enroll in a minimum of 8 units per semester. 

One class is typically 3 or 4 units each. 

Online Coursework

Immigration regulations allow for one online class per semester towards your minimum requirement.  You could take additional online courses beyond your minimum enrollment as well, if you like.  

For example, an Undergraduate could take one online course for 3 credits and three in person or hybrid courses for 9 credits, and that’s the required 12.  Beyond the required 12, an additional online course could be taken.

Online courses can be taken as much as you like in summer or winter sessions, when enrollment is not required.

If you are in your final semester and you will be less than full time, your last class can NOT be online. 

Class Modality

Students must have on-ground presence throughout the academic term.  The traditional format for courses is fully on-ground and meets the F-1 on-ground presence requirements.  Hybrid courses which consist of at least 51% in person components meet the F-1 on-ground presence requirements.

  • In-person: You are required to meet regularly with a faculty member to complete the course requirements and attend lectures or other in-person interactive activities. 
  • Hybrid: You are required to meet both in-person and online. The majority of course work may take place online, but students may be required to complete specific projects, tests, or orientations on the physical campus.This includes courses that require only a one-time meeting with your faculty member. Hybrid courses can be counted towards your F-1 full-time enrollment requirement as in-person courses.
  • On-line: You are required to complete ALL course requirements, lectures, or other activities online. There are no required in-person meetings. A maximum of 3 online units per semester can be counted towards your F-1 full-time enrollment requirement out of a full-time schedule. However, this does not account for extra units, or more than 12 units for undergraduates and 9 units for graduates.  

Possible Exceptions to the Full-Time Enrollment Requirements

The immigration language for receiving permission to enroll less than full time is a "Reduced Course Load (RCL)".

Please review our Reduced Course Load information and form if you believe you may qualify for a Reduced Course Load. 

Academic Standing

Your academic standing could affect your F-1 status. It is important for you to maintain good academic standing while studying full time at Cal State East Bay.

Students will be placed on Academic Probation when they are not in good academic standing. International students are considered in valid F-1 status while on Academic Probation as they are maintaining full-time enrollment.  

If an international student is academically disqualified from CSUEB, he or she is no longer eligible to maintain F-1 status at CSUEB for the next semester. The student must find another school to attend in the U.S. and receive a transfer I-20 from that school, or return to his or her home country.  Please make sure to speak to both your Academic Advisor and International Student Advisor at CIE to discuss your options.  

For more detailed information, please visit the University Academic Policies page.