Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment for F-1 Students

F-1 students can "concurrently enroll", which means you can take classes at CSUEB and another U.S. school during the same semester and CIE will combine the units to count towards full time status.


  • You must take at least 6 units at CSUEB
  • If the course you take at the other institution is an online course, then all of your courses at CSUEB will need to be in-person or hybrid courses. 
  • You must be able to enroll at the other institution before the "last date to add" classes for that semester at CSUEB
  • The units should count towards your CSUEB degree; consult with your academic advisor to ensure the units will transfer back to CSUEB
  • The other institution must be eligible to enroll F-1 international students at their institution
  • If you are applying for concurrent enrollment during your last semester/term, you must enroll in at least one in-person or hybrid class at CSUEB in addition to the class at the other institution.

How to Apply for Concurrent Enrollment Permission from CIE

  1. Consult with your academic advisor to be sure the course units will transfer back to CSUEB
  2. Concurrent Enrollment Letter- if your concurrent institution requires a letter from CSUEB, please complete and submit the letter request form indicating "concurrent enrollment" to CIE.
  3. Register/Enroll for the course at the other institution
  4. Submit the following documents together to
    • Concurrent Enrollment Approval Request Form
    • Proof of Enrollment- unofficial transcript or a screenshot of your course schedule that includes your name, institution name, term of registration, units, course modality (in person, hybrid or online), semester, and the course title

After Your Concurrent Enrollment Semester

  1. Email a copy of your unofficial transcript to
  2. For transfer credit, you must submit an OFFICIAL transcript to the International Admissions Office
    • By Mail:  International Admissions Office, Cal State East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., SF102, Hayward, CA 94542.
    • Electronic: The documents must be sent directly from the institution's registrar's office or office of examinations. The International Admissions Office reserves the right to verify the sender of these documents before accepting them as official.
    • In Person Drop Off: Hand-delivered in a sealed envelope from the institution to  International Admissions Office(SF102)