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At Cal State East Bay, we seek to create an environment characterized by openness, fairness, and equal access for all students, staff, and faculty. A welcoming and inclusive campus climate is grounded in mutual respect, nurtured by dialogue, evidenced by a pattern of collaborative interaction, and is one of the foundations of our educational model. In short, Cal State East Bay strives to create a sense of belonging for each student, faculty and staff member. 

During 2020-21 the university will undertake a vital and relevant climate assessment, which we have titled “My Story, My Truth: An Assessment of Belonging at Cal State East Bay” (CSUEB-IRB-2020-76). This is our chance to make a difference in the university’s future, and our opportunity to make positive, lasting changes and to help create a more inclusive university community. 

To ensure full transparency and to provide a more complete perspective, we have contracted with Rankin & Associates Consulting to help lead this effort. Rankin & Associates have conducted over 200 campus climate assessment projects over the last 20 years. In addition to updates about the process on this website, the entire university community will be invited to participate in this process in Spring 2021.

Read more about the assessment of belonging. 


Participants will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes: 


  • Fall 2021 Parking Permit (1 available)
  • A $25 gift card for ZipCar, Food, Coffee, or Groceries (100 gift cards available)


  • Preferential Parking near a building of your choice (2 parking spots available) 
  • Pioneer Dining Meal Plans for Fall 2021 (85 meal swipes each) (2 Dining Plans available) 
  • A $25 gift card for ZipCar, Food, Coffee, or Groceries (40 gift cards available)