Update on the Concord Center

Dear Cal State East Bay Community,

I am writing to provide you with an update on the outcomes of the Reimagining Concord Campus Task Force regarding the unique possibilities and challenges at our Concord location.

First, I want to express my agreement with the Task Force's basic premise that the Cal State East Bay Concord location holds unique possibilities beyond those of a traditional college campus. It is also important to acknowledge the challenges that have shaped the current landscape:

  • While the physical development of the site was funded by the state, we have not and will likely never receive funding for faculty and staff positions dedicated to Concord. 
  • The location's viability has always been subject to and secondary to programmatic and staffing needs of the Hayward campus.
  • External factors, such as the expansion of Diablo Valley College and online education, have influenced less than expected enrollment demand at Concord.
  • The current financial status of Cal State East Bay precludes any substantial investments in the Concord location at this time. 
  • On the plus side, the Concord location hosts valuable educational activities, for example a Nursing bachelor’s cohort, an EdD cohort, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, an eco-cultural garden in partnership with Ohlone Tribal members, and our new Institute for Forensic Science.

Moving forward, in accordance with WSCUC accreditation requirements, the Concord location will be referred to as the "Concord Center" rather than “Concord Campus.” To best serve Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, we plan to hire a Director of Contra Costa Programs. This individual will play a crucial role in developing a diverse array of programs to meet the needs of the county, some of which will be offered at the Concord Center.

Moreover, the Director will explore opportunities to generate revenue from the Concord property. We remain committed to fostering educational excellence and community engagement in the region.

I want to thank Jeff Newcomb and Shannon Webb who co-chaired the task force as well as other committee members:

  • Brian Cook, University Extension
  • Kathy Cutting, Osher Lifelong Learning
  • Barbara Hockett, Department of Nursing
  • Andrew Pajes, Student
  • Valerie Schutz, University Advancement

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these decisions and work towards a sustainable future for our beautiful Concord Center.


Best regards,

Cathy Sandeen


November 21, 2023