Reimagining the Concord Campus Update

Dear Cal State East Bay community,

I appreciate the comments and feedback I have received from so many of you in response to our Reimagining the Concord Campus Task Force Report. Though our work in Contra Costa County and the Concord campus will evolve over the next six months, I'm happy to share my preliminary thinking and decisions.

First, for anyone who might be concerned, the Concord location will steadfastly remain a part of Cal State East Bay. We continue to support programs there, including our Nursing cohort and our Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

However, for various reasons, the Concord location has not been able to sustain a broad array of four-year degree programs. Strong community colleges in the region and the growth of online programs have been factors. Based on input to me, we will move away from the original comprehensive concept for the location.

Instead we will focus on enhancing programs provided throughout Contra Costa County, whether they occur at Concord or elsewhere in the county. Our charge as a regional public university is to serve both Alameda and Contra Costa counties. We will assess workforce demand and potential partners in increasing educational impacts in Contra Costa County.

At the same time we will seek to increase specific high-demand degree and certificate programs at the Concord location where possible. We also will strive to monetize the facility through long-term leases or other partnerships that align with our mission.

Please stay tuned for other, more specific actions.

Again, I have deep gratitude to the members of the Concord Reimagining Task Force, including Jeff Newcomb and Shannon Webb (co-chairs), Brian Cook, Kathy Cutting, Barbara Hockett, Andrew Pajes and Valerie Schutz for their work--and to all of you who have provided me with valuable feedback. I sincerely look forward to what the future holds for Cal State East Bay in this vital part of our region.

With warm regards,

Cathy Sandeen 


December 15, 2022