Progress Update: Future Directions SMART Actions

Dear Cal State East Bay,

I'm reaching out today to share with you a high-level summary of the SMART Actions you all submitted last month. The below outlines our progress toward our strategic goals for the year 2023, marking the completion of Year 1 of our Future Directions initiative. This is a synopsis of achievements and ongoing efforts:

Recurring Themes:

  • Increased focus on retention and community care
  • Racial equity workshops, social justice education, and anti-bias training across campus
  • Support for workforce development and career readiness
  • Review of administrative procedures to reduce complexity

Progress Highlights:

  • Despite challenges we have faced, we collectively made significant progress (ranging from 55% to 69% progress in one year) across various priorities.
  • Achievements include the increased support for students, and expanded outreach efforts.
  • Ongoing actions are addressing persisting challenges and aiming for continuous improvement.

Next Steps:

  • Actions in the planning phase will continue into Year 2 of our Strategic Goals.
  • Any actions not yet started will be revised as needed.

The 2022 Baseline graphic below shows a breakdown of the percent of responses per each priority. The second indicates a percentage completion rate per priority after year 1 to help track progress. Look for updates on the Future Directions website.

2022 Baseline: Initial Data

Graph of Baseline Data for Smart Actions

2023: Year 1 Completion

Graph of 2023 Year 1 Progress

Thank you for your contributions to our shared goals. It is encouraging to see this progress across our campus. Great work everyone!  Let’s maintain our focus.


Cathy Sandeen 

March 26, 2024