Conclusion of Cozen O’Connor Assessment

Dear Cal State East Bay,

Thank you for your involvement and engagement as we worked with Cozen O'Connor.  

Below is a message from the Chancellor's Office summarizing the system-wide assessment that was conducted. Our campus has already made several changes to address some of the feedback from the consultants. 

We are still making improvements so feel free to share your insight by emailing

  • Title IX has moved from HR to the Office of the President
  • Created link from all university pages directly to the Title IX/DHR Incident Reporting Form to streamline the reporting process
  • Formed Title IX Implementation and Coordinating Committee
  • Formed Title IX Education and Training Coordinating Committee
  • Created a single, shared form to track all Title IX education/training across campus
  • Redesigned Title IX website (test site for now) to make it more user-friendly and accessible 
  • Building out office (Administrative Support permanent position  interviews set for 4/18/2023 and Senior Investigator Position -job posted 3/27/23)
  • Confidential Advocate position filled 11/30/2022
  • Identified current Case Management person to address respondent support needs
  • Implementing Maxient Case Management system should be up and running fully by fall 2023
  • Developing informational sessions about Title and DHR policy and process 


Cathy Sandeen