College of Health Decision

Dear Cal State East Bay Community,

I am writing today with my decision regarding a new College of Health.

In response to the work completed by the College of Health Implementation Task Force, I have decided affirmatively that Cal State East Bay will establish a new College of Health with the inclusion of the following departments:  Kinesiology, Nursing, Public Health, Speech Language and Hearing Science and Social Work. The goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and elevate our academic offerings to meet the needs of our students and the workforce. 

To ensure a successful launch, we've adjusted the start date to fall 2025 versus fall 2024. Providing an additional year will allow us to establish administrative support structures and lay the groundwork for a strong start in fall semester 2025.

Recognizing the importance of shared governance, this timeframe will provide the Academic Senate with time to revise bylaws to incorporate the establishment of an additional college.

Simultaneously, a Development Officer within University Advancement has been charged with initiating fundraising efforts for the College of Health. Donor support is crucial in making this vision a reality and we are confident in the generosity of our community.

I want to thank Dean Jason Singley and VP Suzanne Espinoza for co-chairing the implementation task force as well as all members of the task force, including:

  • Adrian Ayllons, Student
  • Paul Carpenter, Kinesiology
  • Elena Dukhovny, Speech Language and Hearing Science
  • Lara Dungan, Academic Programs and Services
  • Monika Eckfield, Nursing
  • Rafael Hernandez, Academic Resources and Planning
  • Balvinder Kumar, Office of the President
  • Winnie Kwofie, Facilities Development and Operation
  • Gene Lim, ITS Technology Development
  • Arnab Mukherjea, Public Health
  • Wendy Ng, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Jen Ripley, University Advancement
  • Gangaram Singh, College of Business and Economics
  • Sarah Taylor, Social Work
  • John Wenzler, Library
  • Robert Williams, College of Education and Allied Studies
  • Vanessa Yingling, Kinesiology

As we embark on this transformative initiative your insights are invaluable and I am grateful for your engagement so far. I hope you join me in envisioning the positive impact the College of Health will bring to our university and our greater community.


Best regards,

Cathy Sandeen


November 16, 2023