Cozen O'Connor Assessment Report

Dear Cal State East Bay community, 

I am writing to update you on the Cozen O’Connor assessment report. As you are well aware by now, the CSU System has engaged the Cozen O’Connor law firm’s Institutional Response Group to assess how all 23 universities respond to reports and incidents of discrimination and harassment.

As of this morning, the full written report of the systemwide Cozen O’Connor assessment, including a summary report and a separate report concerning Cal State East Bay can now be found on the CSU’s Commitment to Change and will be linked on our campus Title IX website.

Beginning in October 2022 the firm conducted interviews, a campus visit, surveys, solicited email feedback and has identified core observations for improvements at both the system and university levels. Based on their verbal briefing with me back in October, we already implemented a number of recommendations to help us improve our Title IX and Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (DHR) training, awareness, prevention, intervention, compliance and support systems. 

As you will see, the Cal State East Bay report acknowledges the work we have already done, including:

  • Title IX has moved from HR to the Office of the President
  • Created link from all university pages directly to the Title IX/DHR Incident Reporting Form to streamline the reporting process
  • Formed Title IX Implementation and Coordinating Committee
  • Formed Title IX Education and Training Coordinating Committee
  • Created a single, shared form to track all Title IX education/training across campus
  • Redesigned Title IX website to make it more user-friendly and accessible with a focus on creating a community of care
  • Administrative Support position filled 
  • Confidential Advocate position filled
  • Recruiting Senior Investigator Position
  • Identified current Case Management person to address respondent support needs
  • Implementing Maxient Case Management system by fall 2023
  • Developing campus informational sessions about Title IX and DHR policy and process

The detailed list of recommendations in the report will serve as a comprehensive checklist for our campus. 

Our Implementation Team includes the following and was formed in April 2023. 

  • Pamela Baird, Director Accessibility Services
  • Heather Gardley, Director, Student Conduct
  • Silvina Ituarte, Associate Provost
  • Walt Jacobs, Provost and VP Academic Affairs
  • Balvinder Kumar, Special Assistant to the President
  • Terri LaBeaux, Title IX Coordinator, Committee Chair
  • Michelle Luqueno-Diaz, Confidential Advocate
  • Omar Miakhail, Interim Police Chief
  • Sarah Nielsen, Faculty
  • Joshua Russell, Chief Communication and Marketing Officer
  • Armando Valencia, Student
  • Kathleen Wong(Lau), University Diversity Officer


The Implementation Team has already discussed reviewing the report and prioritizing recommendations. From my actions to date I hope you have already seen tangible changes and improvements. With the help of the Team, we will continue our work to improve our Title IX and DHR response, education and prevention over time. 

In addition to the Cozen O’Connor report today, we expect a state audit report on Title IX compliance within the entire CSU System to be released tomorrow, July 18, 2023. We will incorporate any recommendations from that audit into our list of improvements as well. 

I want to take a moment to thank the Cozen O’Connor team for this comprehensive review as well as our own campus community for your engagement with the process. You have my continued commitment to ensuring Cal State East Bay is a safe and caring environment where students, staff and faculty alike can thrive. We will continue to keep you informed as this work evolves.


Sincerely yours, 

Cathy Sandeen


July 17, 2023