Ribbon-cutting for the Queer United Student Success Center

Dear Cal State East Bay community,

As we prepare for all of our annual year-end celebrations, I want to add one more celebration to the list. I am pleased to announce that on Thursday, April 18 during U-Hour, we will open and dedicate the Queer Unity Student Success Center (QUSSC) at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the DISC.  This event is open to all.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the LGBTQI+ Faculty & Staff, whose guidance and work on the campus needs assessment have been instrumental in the establishment of the QUSSC.  The QUSSC is an expansion of the five affinity-based student success centers that were established two years ago. The Centers are spaces where students gather to find and build community, access wrap around resources critical to retention and graduation, and establish life-long networks and friendships.  

For all who worked to bring this idea to reality, thank you. For all who continue to lift each other up to ensure equity and inclusivity, thank you. And especially to our students--your talent, courage and determination are at the heart of what makes Cal State East Bay remarkable.


Cathy Sandeen 

April 4, 2024