Title IX/DHR Update

Dear Cal State East Bay community,

I’m writing today to provide an update on changes in our Title IX/DHR unit. As you may know, the CSU Board of Trustees has initiated a Title IX assessment by the law firm, Cozen O’Connor and members of this firm visited our campus in late October. In case you have not seen them, here are updates from Interim Chancellor Koester and our Cozen O’Connor consultants that were emailed to the campus community on December 22, 2022. In addition, Cozen O’Connor has developed an online survey and invites all members of the Cal State East Bay community to provide general input to them.

If you wish to report a specific incident of sexual misconduct, or gender-based harassment or other incidents of discrimination, harassment or retaliation at Cal State East Bay, please do so on this form so we can respond quickly.

Though we do not expect to receive formal recommendations until later in spring semester, I wanted you to know I have initiated a number of changes right away.


Reporting to the President

Effective January 1, 2023, the Title IX/DHR unit, including Title IX Coordinator Terri LaBeaux, will report directly to me. I have ample direct experience overseeing Title IX/DHR functions from my last two president/chancellor positions. As president, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring a safe environment for students and employees at Cal State East Bay. I believe it is appropriate for me to be more directly involved. I’m happy to report the Title IX unit has new space on the 1st floor of the Student Services and Administration Building (SA), space that will provide more privacy for in-person meetings. I will assess additional staffing and consulting needs as we move forward.


Confidential Advocate

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of our new confidential advocate, Michelle Luqueno-Diaz, reporting to the Director of Counseling Services. The confidential advocate will provide a safe and confidential space for campus community members who have reported incidents of sexual harassment or misconduct to talk through what happened and share their concerns. The advocate can explain reporting options (to the university or law enforcement) and help the individual learn what happens next with a Title IX/sexual misconduct report and any related processes. Our confidential advocate will also help coordinate and enhance Title IX and related training.


Title IX Implementation Coordinating Committee

I have established an Implementation Coordinating Committee to advise Ms. LaBeaux and me on implementing any additional recommendations from the Title IX assessment process. Once those changes are in place, this group will continue as a Title IX Coordinating Committee to ensure continuous improvement in application of Title IX and DHR laws, regulations and policies. Members of this committee include: Title IX/DHR Coordinator, Confidential Advocate, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Director of Student Conduct, Director of Accessibility Services, Communication and Marketing and a student.  


Title IX Education and Training Coordinating Committee

I recognize the need to enhance education and awareness about sexual misconduct and harassment beyond mandatory annual CSU online training. Therefore, I have also established a Title IX Education and Training Coordinating Committee to include our Title IX Coordinator, Confidential Advocate, Director of Student Conduct, Director of (Staff) Professional Development and Training, and Director of Faculty Development. This committee will establish an annual calendar of awareness, education and training opportunities in various formats for all members of our community.


Improved Communication

You will see improvements in how to access information about Title IX, including searchability on our website, elimination of inactive weblinks and phone numbers, a more streamlined and user-friendly complaint form, and new campus informational posters. Expect to see further improvements in the clarity and usability of the Title IX/DHR sections on our website.

Many thanks to the members of our community who have come forward during the CSU Title IX assessment process with suggestions for improvements. Thanks as well to those of you who will serve on our coordinating committees. I especially want to acknowledge Title IX Coordinator Terri LaBeaux for her knowledge and commitment to serving our community. I also want to thank Professor and Associate Dean Luz Calvo and Professor Emerita Eileen Barrett for sharing with me a plan they developed in 2014, recommendations from which have guided me in many of the changes I’ve made so far.

Becoming better at implementing Title IX/DHR policies and practices is an ongoing process that will require all of us to be knowledgeable, vigilant, fair and compassionate as we collectively create a caring environment free from harassment and sexual misconduct—a place where we all can do our best work, fulfill our important mission and achieve our unique, individual potential.

Very sincerely yours,

Cathy Sandeen


Jan. 5, 2023