I Stand with Immigrants

Today marks the 8th year of the national “I Stand with Immigrants” campaign which reminds our community to celebrate, appreciate, and learn about the powerful and crucial ways that immigrants contribute to the rich diversity of our nation. 

As President of CSU East Bay, I am proud of the contributions, perspectives, and aspirations of our immigrant students and employees who bring a rich and varied approach to their learning, teaching, work, and relations. I am also proud of the many allies who stand with immigrants and who defend their rights to thrive and succeed at CSU East Bay  and in our community. 

I hope that you will find inspiration and admiration, as I have, in the individual features of our students and employees as they share their immigrant stories with our campus community through our #csueb and #CelebrateImmigrants social media campaign. I am grateful for their generosity in sharing their Pioneer stories. 

Please feel free to join our Pioneer social media campaign by posting about your immigrant story or the immigrant story of a campus colleague or classmate. Maybe you yourself are a child of immigrants. 

At CSU East Bay, we stand with immigrants. 


October 25, 2023