Current Initiatives

As President Cathy Sandeen identifies the university's priorities, this Current Initiatives page will categorize the summaries, documents and Task Force members, as well as updates and outcomes for these important projects. For questions about these or emerging initiatives, please email the Office of the President at

President's Equity Council

The Cal State East Bay President’s Equity Council is a high-level strategy and advisory group that will assist the president in identifying key priorities and strategies to ensure the university continuously improves and authentically lives by its values of embedding and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the university. 

Faculty and Staff Housing

Looking for recommendations and solutions, a Faculty and Staff Task Force convened in 2019 to explore and recommend tangible steps the university can take to provide access to more affordable housing options.  

Affinity-based Student Success and Resource Centers

In a step to provide targeted support to address equity and graduation rates as part of Graduation Initiative 2025, President Cathy Sandeen announced on Feb. 24, 2021 that Cal State East Bay will establish three new student success centers: Black Student Success Center, Latinx Student Success Center, and an Undocumented Student Resource Center.

Post-COVID Opportunity Scan

The Post-COVID Opportunity Scan is a brainstorming and planning initiative in which our operations and lessons learned during the COVID-19 would be examined for practices that could be retained during normal operations.