Title IX and DHR Update

Dear Cal State East Bay colleagues,

I am reaching out today to provide an update on our ongoing efforts to enhance Title IX/DHR initiatives across our campus. Here are the key highlights of our progress:

  1. Implementation of Cozen Recommendations: We have submitted our comprehensive campus plan to implement all 139 recommendations outlined in the Cozen report. This plan underscores our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive campus environment for all.
  2. New Training Initiatives: We have developed and launched new training sessions focused on the Nondiscrimination Policy and the investigations process. These trainings are tailored for students, staff, and faculty, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and resources to uphold our commitment to equity and fairness.
  3. Introducing the "Everyone Belongs" Logo: We are excited to unveil our new team logo, "Everyone Belongs," which symbolizes our dedication to fostering a campus community where every individual feels valued, respected, and included. This logo has been approved by our Communications department.
  4. Enhanced Investigations Process Visualization: To improve understanding of our investigations process, we have created a high-level flowchart that provides a clear visual representation of the entire process from start to finish.
  5. Refined Staffing Structure: We have refined our staffing plan to separate intake from investigations and to provide supervisory oversight for all active matters. This restructuring ensures greater efficiency and accountability in handling Title IX and DHR cases.
  6. Data Management System Implementation: A robust data management system has been established to report case information, ensure compliance with SB 808 regulations, and facilitate effective case management oversight.
  7. Formation of Multidisciplinary Team: We have formed a Multidisciplinary Team to collaboratively design and implement new programs, including initiatives related to Other Conduct of Concern. This team approach ensures a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing campus issues.
  8. Standardized Incident Reporting Process: We have defined clear steps for referring incident reports deemed to be Other Conduct of Concern within Maxient in a consistent manner. This standardization streamlines the reporting process and ensures prompt and appropriate responses.
  9. Faculty Engagement and Partnership: Faculty leaders have held brown bag sessions to incorporate non-discrimination themes into coursework. Additionally, we are partnering with Accessibility Services and Student Affairs to ensure pregnant students are aware of available accommodations and support resources.

These initiatives represent significant strides toward creating a campus environment that upholds the principles of equity, inclusion, and respect for all. We remain committed to continuous improvement and welcome your feedback and participation as we work together to build a stronger and more inclusive community.



Cathy Sandeen




March 11, 2023