Update on the Beginning of Spring 2022 Semester

Dear Cal State East Bay faculty and staff,

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a memorable time with your family and friends, and that you were able to rejuvenate for a productive 2022.

As I mentioned in my Dec. 22 message, Cal State East Bay has continued to monitor public health data and recommendations as they might impact the beginning of the Spring 2022 semester. In Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, as well as other areas of the region and nation, the post-holiday rate of COVID-19 infections has risen, largely due to the Omicron variant.

In an effort to greatly reduce population density on our campuses, Cal State East Bay will temporarily begin the first two weeks of Spring 2022 semester with fully remote instruction. Classes and labs offered between January 18 through January 28 will be delivered via remote modalities. On Monday, January 31, classes and labs will return to the instructional modality as stated in the Spring 2022 schedule.

Despite this temporary shift to remote instruction, our campuses will remain fully open for services as we welcome our students back for the Spring semester. From now until January 18th, managers continue to have flexibility to determine in-person work schedules for staff. As of January 18, staff will return to their regular in-person work schedule, which may include formal telecommuting agreements.

Our Cal State East Bay community has done a commendable job in preventing the spread of COVID-19 on our campuses through vaccination, regular testing and following public health guidance. Our Risk Management team will follow up with the latest public health guidance and reminders about face coverings, free testing for Cal State East Bay students, faculty and staff, and information about vaccination boosters.

I know this latest “Omicron curveball” forces us to adapt quickly yet again. We can do it and I’m hoping we will see the end of the pandemic mode soon. I am grateful you continually join me in ensuring a safe, positive and supportive educational experience for our students. Many thanks to each of you in our Cal State East Bay family for your perseverance, patience and genuine care for one another. 

With warm regards,

Cathy Sandeen

 January 6, 2022