Announcing new Scaling Career Services Task Force

Dear Cal State East Bay colleagues, 

I am writing today to formally launch and to provide you with details on our new Scaling Career Services Task Force.

The purpose of this Task Force is to review options for scaling career services and recommending a path forward to substantially increase the provision of career services for every Cal State East Bay student.  Over 60 percent of our students are the first in their families to graduate from college and may not have the professional networks or the social capital to seek their first professional job.  Ensuring that all students have access to robust career information and placement post-graduation will have lifetime economic benefits and will solidify Cal State East Bay’s role in supporting the regional workforce. 

Detailed Task force charge here.

I am grateful to the following individuals who have agreed to serve:

Task Force Members

  • Ashmita Ahluwalia, Student
  • Jennifer Aure, College of Business and Economics 
  • Evelyn Buchanan, Co-chair, University Advancement
  • Steven Cleveland, Ethnic Studies and History
  • Bridget Ford, History
  • Cathey Hurtt, ITS Enterprise Information Services
  • Balvinder Kumar, Co-chair, Office of the President
  • Mazie Mauricio, Institute for STEM Education
  • Kathryn Palmieri, Academic Advising and Career Education
  • Farzad Shahbodaghlou, Engineering
  • Krystle Tonga, Student Life and Leadership

There will be opportunities during the semester for the broader campus community to provide input into this process. Please look for future messages about the progress of this group.


Cathy Sandeen

Jan. 25, 2023