Upcoming Communications: Stay Tuned for Important Updates

Dear Cal State East Bay Community,

I’m reaching out today to ensure that you are informed about important developments and initiatives within our institution. Over the course of the coming weeks, as has been my long-standing and documented practice, we will be sending out a series of communications focused on various aspects of our operations and strategic priorities.

These communications will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Budget and Enrollment Deep Dives and Report Outs: Dive into analyses and reports on key projects, programs, and areas of interest, offering insights and updates that will shape our future efforts. Now that we know the cost of salary increases we have more definitive budgets plans.
  • Title IX/DHR: Stay tuned for a campus message outlining our progress in enhancing Title IX/DHR initiatives, all aimed at fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment.
  • Leadership Searches: Stay informed about leadership transitions and searches within the institution, as we work to ensure continuity and excellence in our leadership team.
  • Updates on Future Directions: We will provide updates and progress against SMART Actions and how we are aligning our actions and initiatives with the goals and values outlined in our broad and inclusive Future Directions strategic planning initiative. 
  • Campus Climate Survey: Look out for communication and open forums about actions taken following our last campus climate survey and upcoming marketing materials for students, staff and faculty to launch our new survey this May.
  • News and Announcements: Receive timely updates on news, events, and important announcements relevant to the entire Cal State East Bay community.

These communications are designed to keep you informed on various initiatives important to us all. They are also posted and available on the Office of the President website under Messages from the President and Current Initiatives.  We do all of this in the spirit of transparency and shared governance. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to review this information. 

Thank you for your attention, and we appreciate your commitment to Cal State East Bay.


Best regards,

Cathy Sandeen 


March 8, 2024