Future Directions SMART Action Update-Year One

Dear Cal State East Bay,

Last year, we laid the groundwork for our Vision, Mission, and Future Direction Priorities. In response, every department on campus developed SMART actions to drive us closer to these goals. You can access the comprehensive list of SMART Actions in this database.

As we approach the end of the year, it's time for departments to report on the progress made toward their established actions. Each of the division leaders has reached out to departments, requesting updates through this survey. The deadline for submission is 2/6/24.

In line with our commitment to transparency and collective growth, we're planning a Deep Dive session at the end of March to share the survey results. This survey presents an opportunity to showcase your department's accomplishments to the entire campus community.

I look forward to learning about the strides your department has made in advancing our shared goals.


Cathy Sandeen

December 14, 2023