Announcing new Working Professional Task Force

Dear Cal State East Bay colleagues,

I am writing today to formally launch and provide details on our new Working Professional Recruitment and Service Task Force.

The purpose of this Task Force will be to make recommendations on how to expand enrollment of students who are often described as “working adults,” “nontraditional,” or ”working professional students.” These terms describe a segment of individuals who have current career-level employment but who may be stalled in career progression by not having completed a degree. Four million Californians fall into the category of having “some college, no degree.” This is a substantial market for us. We currently serve such students at Cal State East Bay. The charge to the Task Force is to examine how we can more intentionally attract, recruit and effectively serve a larger number of working professional students. 

Detailed Task force charge here.

I am grateful to the following individuals who have agreed to serve:

Task Force Members

  • Claire Abshire, College of Business and Economics/University Extension
  • Dan Bellone, University Extension
  • Nolan Calara, Student
  • Brian Cook; Co-chair, University Extension
  • Patricia Drew, Human Development
  • Murray Horne, Psychology
  • Balvinder Kumar, Office of the President
  • Travis Nelson, Events and Donor Relations
  • Keri O’Neal, Faculty Development
  • Zinovy Radovilsky, College of Business and Economics
  • Gangaram Singh; Co-chair, College of Business and Economics
  • Marc Strong, Student Outreach
  • Kathy Wong(Lau), University Diversity Office

There will be opportunities during the semester for the broader campus community to provide input into this process. Please look for future messages about the progress of this group.


Cathy Sandeen

January 26, 2023